H.E.R.I. Homeschool Convention

I can’t believe it is July1st already.   We begin our schooling in just five weeks!  It is time to think about books, schedules, and what to do with the rest of the summer.  🙂

Our local H.E.R.I. Homeschool Convention will be here on July 16th and 17th.   To help me organize my time there I do the following:

1.  I read through Donna Young’s Surviving the Curriculum Fair.  I use the Subject Curriculum Planner for my “can’t go without” paper to the convention every year.   I spend several days going over what I need for the next year, researching on the web for the best possible prices, and then write it all down on the paper.   I’ll also write down a wish list, things that I’d like to get if money allows.  These are usually family games, Focus On The Family Radio Theatre, or books I think my son would enjoy.

2.  Shop at the H.E.R.I. June Bookbuster used book sale and mark off any items I purchased.  This year I was able to get some great deals.  The only thing I bought that was not on my list was four tin boxes filled with dominoes.  They were only $4.00 and well worth getting.

3.  Look over the Convention Program.  Check out the lectures offered and mark the ones I want to hear.  Check out the vendors and check the ones I need to visit.

4.  At the convention, I’ll compare prices to the vendor prices.  If the prices are cheaper at the convention, usually they are, I’ll purchase the item and mark that off the list.

5.  After I get home, pull everything out and make sure I have everything I need. If I was not able to purchase curriculum at the Bookbuster or the Convention, I then order them on line.

6.  I slowly finish up my school schedule over the next four weeks while I have fun for the rest of the summer.

Do you do anything special to get ready for your homeschool conventions?

8 responses to “H.E.R.I. Homeschool Convention

  1. Our convention is long over…it is held in mid-April. I do much the same as you. There is still one last item that I need to order online…thanks for reminding me!

  2. FIVE weeks, you say?! Yikes!

  3. I didn’t make it to a convention this year. The HERI one is always a nice little convention. I wish I could meet you there.

    • I didn’t go to this one last year. I am looking forward to it. I don’t need much, so I get to just hang out at the lectures after shopping. 🙂 It would be neat to visit with you. I still think about the time the Five Fabulous Florida ladies met. LOL

  4. Me too! I miss the fab five =( Hope you have a good time at HERI. We have had family visiting so I have done no school planning in the last 3 weeks.
    I plan on ordering Physical Science and then checking out your site for tips. I still have to decide what I’m using for English/History. I have so much here I just have to decide and write out lesson plans.

    • Seeker said, “We have had family visiting so I have done no school planning in the last 3 weeks.”

      Good for you! Enjoy your family and take a break from school. 🙂 Matthew has decided to take Am. History at college. In his co-op he used one of the LLATL and a Bob Jones for English. He loves the literature based Englishes. I hope the Physical Science pages help you. Let me know if you have any questions and we expect to see you split the world. lol

  5. I like literature based too I want to combine history and English with a literature based curriculum but with my world splitting I may have to get creative. LOL

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