It is time again…

to make student planners.

2007/2008 Student Planners

2008/2009 Student Planners

2009/2010 Student Planners

How to bind student planners.

Getting ready for homeschooling

This year I think I’ll go a little off my normal track and use the Colonial Planner pages.  I’ll still use the seasonal pages too.

The new student planners will have to wait until next week to be made.  I am currently working on Sir Son’s High School/College information book.  I’ll be posting about that as soon as my head stops spinning.  It is hard to think of everything you have to cover.  I am so glad there is a four year gap between child number one and child number two.  Maybe when child number two hits 16, I’ll have all of this figure out. 😀  One can hope.

If you make your own student planner, please link to it in the comments, so I can see it.  🙂

14 responses to “It is time again…

  1. I am currently putting together 4 high school binders, typing 1 transcript to be used as a template for the other 3, and trying to set up school for the upcoming year. I understand the “head spinning!” I am using Kathleen Duncan’s Homeschool for High School set-up.

    As for planners, I buy student planners from Rainbow Resources. They aren’t unique to each student, but serves the same purpose.

  2. OOO a High School/College information book, I can’t wait to see what’s in that.

    This reminds me that I have a new planner. I should get it online.

  3. Oh, not planning yet! Please, not yet. I am not ready. I need to finish up my son’s transcript for last year. I just need a few more course descriptions. Nothing fancy.

  4. I love the Colonial Planner! I almost (but not quite) made student planners this last year after I read your post about them. THIS year I’m going to DO IT.
    And I totally apologize for not commenting lately. Life’s been NUTS. And my blog moved so I don’t “see” you in my WordPress fav’s any more. But I’ll be back. And you should come see me sometimes. 😉

  5. I will not be doing any such planning this year, but I do love the Colonial planning pages.

  6. lol, Applie! Yes, I suppose it matters what course it is for. Do you happen to have a PE or Biology one lying around?

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