Let’s All Scream!

For Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches!    WAAAAHHHOOOOOO!!

I found on Smitten Kitchen a recipe to make cookies for ice cream sandwiches.    There are three cookie recipes to use with your favorite ice cream.  I haven’t tried the other two yet, but it won’t be long before I do.

For the Fourth of July weekend, I picked the Chocolate Chip Cookie for our vanilla ice cream.  Well, I did have Grasshopper Pie ice cream and Chocolate Crackle, but they’re gone now.  Gone before the cookie.  Gone before the weekend.  Just gone.  Our favorite ice cream is Breyer’s.  Be sure to check the ingredients because not all of Breyer’s is ALL NATURAL.

The recipe was easy to follow and the cookies were easy to make.  I decided to make the ridiculously large cookie and ended up with around 21 cookies.

Cookies for ice cream

Some of the family wanted just the cookie (shocking, I know!), some just wanted a cookie on the side…

Ice Cream with a side of cookie

but the smart people wanted an ice cream cookie sandwich.

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

These are ridiculously large, so the next day I cut the sandwiches in half.  It was a very disappointing moment for my children, but really they didn’t need any more.

So instead of pulling those nasty ice cream sandwiches from the grocery store freezer, make a batch of these babies.  Your family will love your forever.  🙂   I’m wanting to try the Chocolate Sugar Cookies next.

7 responses to “Let’s All Scream!

  1. Ridiculously large cookies and ice cream….yum!

  2. YUM! You need to stop making all these yummy summer treats. Pretty soon I will have to succumb and start following your lead.

  3. I havent made those in years!! I bet the kids would love it if I did.

  4. I am thinking that over the course of the next 2 weeks I’ll make some homemade ice cream and attempt to make home made ice cream sandwiches!

    Why that time?

    Both kids will be gone!! Hubby will be gone as well next week but home the following so the 2 of us will indulge for our anniversary!!

  5. They look really tasty! =)

  6. yum yum can I have one? I asked real nice!

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