The High School Years

Back in 2008 Sir Son entered his High School years.   I really don’t know how that happened so fast.  He was just three years old when I attended the “How To Get Started Homeschooling” class at Rock Solid and that was only last week.  I’m sure of it.

Then the  High School brick hit me right between the eyes.  When I woke up, Sir son was entering the ninth grade.  Dazed and confused I set out, once again, for Rock Solid.   Just eleven short years after taking the “How To Get Started Homeschooling” class, I entered the “Piecing Together the High School Puzzle” class.  I am so glad that I did.  I enjoyed it so much, I took the class again at the home school convention and I am thinking of going again next week at this year’s convention.

Piecing Together the High School Puzzle was written by Joanne Mastronicola.  It is very well written and gives more information than anyone can possibly absorb in one sitting.  It was for me anyway; which is why I took the class twice.  🙂

This book is written for Florida, but I think it can be useful to other states as well.  It contains high school requirements, a check list of what should be done in each month,  information on applying for colleges, scholarships, record keeping, how to write a transcript and much more.  This is one of the books that I do not loan out; it’s just too useful to me.  I tell my friends to go to the class and just buy it.  😀

Now that my son is entering his Junior year, I find that I tend to lean towards panic.  Has he done everything he needs to do?  Are his grades acceptable?  Does he have enough credits up to this point?  What next?  I know the Lord is good and He provides all that we need.  He has given me piece with this high school journey we are on.  Yes, I still lean towards panic, but the good Lord brings me back.

Besides praying for peace and guidance, I have started a High School/College notebook for Sir Son.  In this notebook I have used many of  the information I got from the above book and from other places.  This book helps us to keep things in order and on track.

Here is a list of things that I have in this notebook. It is just a black three-ring binder.

Course of Study – Four Year Plan This list classes taken and classes that will be taken (still working on this part).

High School Requirements found on page 7 of the Florida’s Guide to Public School Graduation.

High School Requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship, found on page 8 in the above link.

High School Course of Study Check List – This lays it all out nice and neat.

Volunteer Records –  I should have started this book two years ago.  Sir Son has not done any volunteer work, but that’s ok.  He is getting busy. 🙂

Reading list: Books/Journals/Perodicals/Videos/etc... I wasn’t going to put that in the book, but a homeschooling friend told me her son’s college wanted a list of all the curriculum he used for the past four years.  It’s best to be prepared, even if a college doesn’t ask for the list.

College Applications – Sir Son started Dual Enrollment for Summer A.  It is a two step process. First he has to fill out an approval form and then later register for the classes he wishes to take.   This section also contains any letters he has received regarding his applications.

Scholarships –  According to Joanne Mastronicola, a student should start applying for scholarships twice a month.  Sir Son has already applied for one and he is getting ready to apply for another.

High School Transcript –  This transcript was designed by Sir Husband.  I took three different transcripts from friends, plus the example in the High School Puzzle book, and had Sir Husband make the perfect transcript for us. 🙂

College Transcript/Grades – Right now the only thing in this section is the printed email of the English grade.

Preparing for College Calendar – I copied this from the High School Puzzle book.  Sir Son will use it as a check list.  As of right now, he is right on track minus a bunch of volunteer hours.  He’s getting there!

Florida’s Guide to Public High School Graduation – I printed off all 8 pages to have on hand.  Link is above.

So there you have it!  Other things will be added later to the book, like SAT tests.

Higher Education

I know the Lord has great plans for him.  Helping him in the right direction is one of the greatest blessings a homeschooling mom can have.

7 responses to “The High School Years

  1. What an awesome resource. Thanks for your time putting this together. My daughter will be starting 10th grade, not sure how that’s possible, but I’m sure I’ll be returning again and again to this post! 🙂 Have a great day! You are a blessing!

  2. OH MY! I think the High School brick just hit me right between the eyes! I was not panicked at all. But now that I’ve read this post, I think I am! I have attended a half-day conference of preparing for high school. But I haven’t done anything about it since. With Anthony in 8/9th this year, I’m suddently overwhelmed!

  3. Ah, high school! I am glad that you are blogging about high school. There aren’t enough out there. I can’t believe I am going to have a sophomore next year.

  4. He has some volunteer hours now! Tell him thank you for me! He and his friend were great.

  5. Cool! I love reading posts about high school. Having a binder is a VERY good idea!

  6. Excellent Michelle!! It sounds like it will be a very useful notebook. =)

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