Fried Ice Cream!

My neighbor emails me the other day and asks if my girls would like to take a cooking class at Whole Foods.  They will be making Chicken Quesidilla and Faux Fried Ice Cream.   Sure, says I.  They would love it!  I asked if I could tag along to take pictures.  No problem there.  🙂

Every time I mentioned the cooking class this is what came out of their mouths, “FRIED ICE CREAM!”.  Then I’d ask what else are you making, “I don’t know”.  It’s at Whole Foods.  “FRIED ICE CREAM!”

We arrive first and the girls pick their table.  They look like The Three Singing Peas, singing the praises of Fried Ice Cream.

Little Chefs

They mix the sugary ingredients to make the Faux Fried Ice Cream.  They mixed sugar- cinnamon cereal, with sugar- cinnamon instant oatmeal.  It’s all good for you, because it is organic.  😀

Topping for the Faux Fried Ice Cream

By this time, we have been in there all of five minutes.  My friend, who has been sitting in the back, jumps up and says to me, “I’m going shopping!” and leaves.  Yes, she left.  She left me with three girls eating sugar.

After they finish mixing the topping. The whole class went to the stove to watch how you make Chicken Quesidilla.  It was very simple, chicken, cheese, cilantro, and two flour tortillas.  The instructor asked everyone what were the two kinds of tortillas.  Now my daughter in the green shirt KNOWS we make our own tortillas and has helped make them.  Do you think she could tell what at least of the tortillas was made from?  NO!

I knew my neighbor’s daughter couldn’t answer that.  They get tortillas from the grocery store and bread from me, but I figured one of my daughters could answer it.  I was wrong.

Making Quesidillas

The kids got to eat what they made and they could add sour cream and salsa if they wanted.

Yummy toppings!

Everything was looking pretty yummy.   The one with her cheeks the size of a cantaloupe, is my daughter.  The one with food hanging out of her mouth, is my neighbor’s daughter.  Just wanted to point that out.

Such Ladies

In this next photo, I want you to take a good look at the girl on the left.  That’s the neighbor’s daughter.  The same one I mentioned above.   By this time her mom decided to come back into the room.

Root Beer!

At that very moment, the instructor announced there were sodas in the refrigerator for them.  Forget the quesidilla, forget the ice cream, forget the fact that her mom left me, THERE.WAS.ROOT BEER!


Next up was finishing the touches on the Faux Fried Ice Cream.   The instructor brought out hard frozen scoops of vanilla ice cream. Still organic, still filled with sugar.  The ice cream went into the baggie with the sugar-cinnamon topping.  The kids pressed it into the ice cream, then it was topped with Caramel sauce (sugar), then ate it.  I tried it.  It was really sweet.


Chicken Quesidillas, extra-sugary dessert, and Root Beer.  Now that is a meal!

It was a lot of fun and we plan on going again next month.  I plan on ditching my neighbor and letting her watch the sugar induced kids bounce off the walls.  Yeah, I’ll use the excuse, “I’m going shopping!”  😉

8 responses to “Fried Ice Cream!

  1. I’ve never had fried ice cream but how in the world does that recipe even resemble fried ice cream?

    I love your retelling of these events…nice job!

  2. So cute!! Looks like they had a ball!! I love the singing picture=)

  3. I’ve had real fried ice cream 2 or 3 times. The girls are so cute! They look like they enjoyed themselves. What did you do while you sat and waited?

  4. What a fun field trip!

  5. Such cuties! You’re a good mama.

    I haven’t had real fried ice cream in over 20 years now. I don’t think The Goobs have ever had it! (insert horrified smilie here)

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