Oooo A Package!

Let’s see what is in there.

  • Five double inject frogs.
  • Five long worms.
  • Five owl pellets.
  • Twenty Dissecting blades
  • 200 dissecting pins.
  • One advertisement magnet.

It’s like Christmas in August!

13 responses to “Oooo A Package!

  1. The owl pellets. That’s what’s in the foil?

    I’ll have to show this to dd15. Oh yeah, she’ll just L♥ve those frogs! (not!)

  2. Oh, and Molly the Owl has more eggs!
    Live feed of barn owls in a nest box in San Marcos, California.

    There are 2 feeds, one inside and one outside the box. Scroll down and mute the bottom one if it bothers you. It also will have advertising playing sometimes. oh well.

  3. LOL…yep, only homeschool families get excited about packages of dead animals.

  4. Ew! A package : ) I’m definately not there yet. You are inspiring me! Thanks for sharing your blog with the world. It’s getting me ready for a fun year. Blessings-

  5. And a partridge in a pear tree 😉 You are awesome! What lucky students you have to have a teacher who is so excited about teaching.

  6. PS- I bought Tums for my first Physical Science experiment …now I’m reaching for your notes =)

  7. I bought my son a small dissection kit, complete with preserved frog, one Christmas. He said it was the worst Christmas present ever. lol
    So, I guess the moral of that story is: dead amphibians do not a Christmas present make.

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