Whole Foods Cooking Class for Kids!

A few weeks ago, the kids had another cooking class at Whole Foods.   This has been so much fun for my kids.  The last time they were in the cooking class, I got to take pictures, while my friend, Mrs. W. went on a shopping spree.  Yes, my friend and neighbor, up and left us.  This time I was going to make her stay while I went shopping.  Not really, I just wanted her to freak out a little.  I really wanted to stay for pictures. 🙂

To our surprise The Lady in Charge, would not let us adults in.  Unbelievable!  I am sure it has something to do with Mrs. W’s behavior last time.  I  just know it wasn’t my fault.  I mean really, how can it be my fault?

You can see here The Lady in Charge, is telling Mrs. W. to go away.

I begged The Lady in Charge to let me in to take pictures.  I’m special, so I got to go in.  Here is Miss A., Mrs. W’s daughter.   She is showing me how they pressed the Crispy Cashew Rice Treats down into the pan.

Crispy Cashew Rice Treats

She wasn’t the only one making this treat.  She had two helpers.

The Friends

Apparently they must share all the instructions on making this treat.  That includes delivering the final product to The Lady in Charge, so she can cut it up for them later.

Or maybe it was just too heavy for one child to carry?  This is my Pea #2, Miss O. (another neighbor friend), and Miss A.

Three friends helping each other.

Here is my Pea #1 and her friend, another Miss. A.  aka sister of Miss O.

Miss J. and Miss A.

To go with the  crispy treat, they made Pizza Wheels.  They were pretty good!

Pizza Wheels

Now all of you are probably wondering where Mrs. W. is.   She is right here banging on the window, begging to come in.  I’m special and she is not, so she can’t come in.  **raspberries**

Mrs. W. at her finest!

Yeah, I know.  Hard to believe we are neighbors and friends.  Go figure.

Here is The Lady in Charge.  I can’t remember her name. I’m sure Mrs. W. can tell me.  This lady is so much fun and so nice.

Update.  This woman’s name is Myra Jean.  Got the info from Mrs. W.  🙂

The Lady in Charge

Just so you know.  The bottom in the picture below belongs to Miss A.  She belongs to Mrs. W.  The same Mrs. W. who was banging on the doors in the photo above.  Yeah, I know.  It’s a wonder Whole Foods lets them in their store.

Cute bum, though. 🙂

The End


6 responses to “Whole Foods Cooking Class for Kids!

  1. Your neighbor looks crazy. I would stay away from her.

  2. ROFL!!!!!! The people sitting next to me at work think (or this just confirmed things) that I am crazy because I can’t stop laughing! Couple of things- 1) Myra Jean is the name of the instructor 2) Where is the pic of the delicious treat spilled all over my van? haha! These are great pics. Have I mentioned lately how much I love your blog?? Well, I do!!!!

    • Thanks Mrs. W! I didn’t get a picture of the delicious treat all over your van. That would prove that my kid is a slob, because she was the one who dumped it on your seats, floor, arm rest, etc. lol Going back to the post to put The Lady in Charge’s name up there. 😀 Thanks!!

      I am sure your co-workers already knew you were crazy.

  3. Applie, you are like, the most embarrassing mom ever. Luckily you homeschool so your kids don’t realize it yet. LOL

    Anemone would love to take those classes! I should look around and see if I can find anything like that here.

    • “Applie, you are like, the most embarrassing mom ever.”

      Thank you. I try!

      These classes would be too young for A. Whole Foods does have adult classes. Is there a Whole Foods in Hawaii?

      • No, I don’t think so. There is some sort of organic health nut store – they seem to do a “sit in a chair and watch us make vegetarian meals” class, but Anemone isn’t interested in that. Everything else I’ve found is for adults only (except for an intro to cake decorating class on base, but that conflicts with dance classes.) I’ll keep looking, but in the meantime she will have to be content with all the wisdom in her Martha Stewart cookbooks!

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