Taking pictures isn’t easy.

Monday, I made the girls  go outside so that I could take photos of them.  I wanted head shots for student I.D.s.

After much whining, they reluctantly stepped outside and this is what I got.

Me:  No, don’t stand in front of the neighbor’s house.

Them:  Why?  What difference does it make?

Me:  I don’t want the neighbor’s house behind your head.

Them:  SO???    ( I remember saying “SO” to just about everything at their age. I now understand why I got the angry look from my parents so often.)

J:  Wait I have to fix my hair!

MOM! I’m not ready!

This is stupid.  Can we just go inside?

Hey Mom!  I have a great idea for a student I.D. photo.

Me:  Um…no, I don’t think so.

After several more photos, I finally get three head shots that are worthy for an I.D.     That means, they are not perfect, but who cares.

Since I had them together outside, I thought this would be a great time to take photos of the three of them together.   They were all goofy, but I really like this photo.  It shows The Violinist beginning the “I’m a teenager and my younger sisters are irritating me” season.

6 responses to “Taking pictures isn’t easy.

  1. nice photos and I so get the I”m a teenager and my siblings are irritating me, get that often from the Ark.

  2. Applie – I feel your pain….they turned out good in the end. I always love the “goofy” ones best anyway, you can really see their personality!

  3. LOL…that sounds like it was fun! I see the girls are into the BANDZ craze. I am glad that I have boys with no interest.

  4. Being goofy is good for their health! The pics turned out quite nice, I think.

  5. Very cute pictures! The “SO???” stuff made me laugh – I said “SO???” to my mother exactly once. It didn’t go over very well. LOL It has not yet occurred to either of my Goobs to say “SO???” to me, but I’m sure it’s coming!

  6. I like the nice shots but the goofy ones are so fun =)

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