Day at the library.

Yesterday, Sir Husband was home working on the house.  When Dad is home, school work goes no-where.  So…off to the library we go.  I have my head in the clouds because I KNOW the girls will not be distracted and lots of information will be pumped into their lovely brains. Oh Happy Day!

The best thing about going to the library during school hours, is that all the school children are, well,  in school.  So, it is almost quiet.

We head to the back of the library, while the Violinist heads to the office to sign in for volunteering.  Both The Peas open their backpacks and begin working.

I gently remind the littlest pea to actually start working.  She is reluctant at first, but then writes her sentence.  And then stops.  I remind her again, to do the next sentence. I remind her again and again and again.  She finally does the next sentence.  Then I tell her to go on to the next sentence.

At that point, her entire world collapsed into a giant rubble in a gazillion mile radius.   She flew to the floor.  After some stern comments from me, she packs up her books and hides behind the nearest chair.

What is a mother to do with a child like that in a public library? Take her home for Dad to deal with? Take her to the bathroom for Mr. Stick to deal with?  No. The mother gets out the camera, of course!

Does The Pea become madder than a wet hen?  You bet!  Does her mother care? No way.  Time for more photos!   The wet hen tries to run off to another hiding place.  (Like there are lots of places to hide in this little library.)

After more picture taking and steam coming out of the girl’s ears, eyes, and nose, I put the camera down and ignore her.  She finally comes over to quietly start her work or so I thought.

She stands beside me.  With an angry look in her eyes, she kicks her backpack and says, “You can sell these books back to the teachers. I won’t be needing them anymore.”

I had to leave to keep from busting out laughing, so I hunted down The Violinist.  I took the camera just to take pictures of her volunteering. I find her uh…shelving books.  Yeah, that’s what she was doing.

Those were ER, Easy Readers, she was shelving.  I have talked to her about reading the books while volunteering.  I guess a good ER book is something she can’t pass up.  I shouldn’t complain.  The librarians say she shelves faster than they do and she is more accurate than most of the high school volunteers.

This is what happens when she gets caught by her mom with a camera.

This was our third, full day of homeschooling.  My head fell out of the clouds, but I am thankful it didn’t explode.

Will we have more days with tantrums?  Yes.  Will I be as calm as I was today?  With God’s help, I will.  If I do explode,  I hope there isn’t someone around with a camera to witness it.

I wonder where the nearest chair is that I can hide behind?

6 responses to “Day at the library.

  1. Ha, we’ve had days like those! I’m sure all hs moms will love this post. 🙂

  2. HAHA!! What was causing the littlest pea fits? It wasn’t math, was it? And what a true blogging mom…you pull out the camera to document it all! Love it! What a great example of a typical homeschooling day that we have ALL had. Thanks!

  3. We have that day quite often around here with my little Diva. I don’t have the patience to take photos. That’s so cute that you did.

  4. LOL – Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL! I do believe that you never have a dull moment .

  6. I guess it truly is a never ending job…those tantrums don’t magically disappear at age 5? I sure was hoping…

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