Hair and the Youngest Pea

The Youngest Pea never liked taking care of her hair.  What she hated the most, was me taking care of her hair.  Her hair is her security blanket.  She hides behind it in hopes that no one will notice her and tell her to brush her hair or add 5+0.

Once in a while she would let me put it up, but that was only once in a great while.  More like just once…

We fought and fought and fought over this hair.

She started hiding behind her hair all the time.  In her face all.the.time.   I would pin her between my knees to get her to hold still so I could brush it.  On several occasions, I was trying to put her hair up in a pony-tail.  Picture this; I have all of her hair up in my left hand getting ready to put the hair-band on.  She picks up both of her legs and lands on the floor.  Hair falls out of my hands and you don’t want to know what happened after that.  She did that several more times, over several more weeks.  I had had enough.  I told her I wasn’t’ going to let go next time.

She didn’t believe me.   She does now.   She tried it two more times, because she forgot what I said.  She remembers now.

The hair about did us in.  It was always and I am always in her face.  Her hair looks just ok in this next picture.  Normally is it all in her face.  We are talking Cousin Itt hair!

I had had enough..again. She went to sleep one night and woke up like this.

This was taken several weeks after her hair was cut while she slept.  Yes, I cut her hair while she slept.   I couldn’t’ sleep for the rest of the night, so I sat downstairs and waited.  I waited for the scream.  It didn’t come.  She came downstairs crawled into my lap and wouldn’t budge for an hour.  She learned her lesson.

Sometimes she will forget and all I have to say is, “I cut your hair once and I’ll do it again.”   Poor sweetie.  It is so hard being hard-headed.  She takes after her Dad.  I know it isn’t me.

So fast forward a couple of years and I still can’t get her to put her hair up, but at least she moves her hair out of her face, slightly.  I purchased new hair-bands recently, in hopes she’ll start putting her hair up. God forbid, if I did it for her!

On the way to the zoo last week, this is what she looked like.

It’s a mess.  A total mess.  It is out of her face and I am not going to say a word.


12 responses to “Hair and the Youngest Pea

  1. LOLOL She is so cute. I can totally relate – Anemone likes to have her ratty old hair in her face, too. The only thing that keeps me from going nuts is that she has to put it in a bun for ballet at least four days a week!

  2. She looks beautiful in long hair.

  3. She is so adorable!! At least she is trying now mom? LOL

  4. Awesome post! I so feel your pain! You did a great job on the haircut, she looks great!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is one rat’s nest of a hair do in the last photo. It could drive me nuts. I think it’s time for another haircut.

  6. She’s stinkin adorable! Reminds me of both Violet from The Incredibles and the girl from Lemony Snicket (I think her name was Violet, too, actually). If you substituted loose tooth pulling for the whole debacle, it would describe my parenting skillz. “I yanked a tooth out once, I’ll do it again!”

    Stopped by from THL and

  7. Hmmmm, I never had that problem. (sorry!) And now they like boys, so it’s likely I never will. 😀

    Dd15 will kill me for saying it, but when she was 5, she had her hair cut shorter than usual (because I could not get it even) and stood in front of the mirror for a long while.
    I went to see why she was still in the bathroom, and standing in front of the mirror she said, “I’m so pretty I could look at myself all day!” 😯
    I laughed, but it didn’t faze her a bit.

  8. I prefer hair a little on the mussy side. Go Little Pea, you have gorgeous hair! Just don’t cover up your gorgeous face….too much.

  9. Oh my GOSH, you cut it when she was ASLEEP?!?

    You are fearless! I want to be like you when I grow up.

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