God’s Critters

Yesterday, Pea #1 came running in the house yelling, “A Turtle, A Turtle!”  I was expecting a huge turtle, which we see often around here.  This one was a cute little thing.


She named it Bob.

Peninsula Cooter

Kingdom:  Animalia,  Phylum:   Chordata,  Class:  Reptilia,  Order:   Testudines, Family:  Emydidae,  Genus: Pseudemys, Species:  P. floridana

Most Common turtle in Florida.  🙂    Now that the girls are older, every living creature they find is called Bob.  I don’t know why.  When The Violinist was younger, she had a stuffed turtle.  It was called Turtle for a while.  Then she started to shorten names and Turtle became Turd.   Yes, I said Turd on the internet.  This name came up again last night.  Bob became Turd.  So, while at dinner yesterday the conversations went like this:

“What did you do with Turd?”  “Turd is gone now.”  “Did you fling Turd over the fence?”  “No, Turd was let go through the fence and he crawled away.”  “The dogs will not eat Turd now.”     Yes, the word Turd was said at the dinner table.  I have a weird family.  They don’t get this from me.

Now for something completely different.

I am going to show my students how to kill an insect tomorrow.

This fellow is going to die tomorrow, while you read this post.

You’re welcome.

Lubber Grasshopper

Kingdom: Aminalia,  Phylum:  Arthropoda,   Class:  Insecta,  Order:  Orthoptera, Family:  Romaleidae  Gensus:  romalea,  Species:  R. guttata

7 responses to “God’s Critters

  1. Oh such cute little creatures! My girls both came running to look at the baby turtle =) I love their close ups.
    Looking into his cute little eyes makes me sad for Mr. Grasshopper =(
    You are so awesome to give us every name of every creature you post.
    I love your blog. I think you can turn it into an awesome science guide if you printed it out into one of those blog books.

  2. Bob and Lubber are cute little things. It’s too bad that they both had to go. Goodbye friends!

  3. Oh no! 😆
    Is he dead yet?

  4. LOL I love the dinner convo.

  5. This was hilarious!
    I don’t often laugh out loud when I’m on the internets, but I got a couple of really good snorts in while reading this post. Thanks!!

  6. That was hilarious…. poor little grasshopper looks like he was pleading for a rescue….
    Dragonflies were always interesting to kill…. we would pin them to a board (yes alive) face two of them towards each other and hand them the Qtip soaked in killing solution…. dumb dragonflies will grab the Qtip and hold and bite the thing…

  7. I love that turtle…..I want one, can’t you mail me one? I think that I feel sorry for the grasshopper, he is cute too.

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