A Birthday!

Seventeen years ago today Matthew was born in the wee hours of the morning.   It was a busy night for the hospital.  Every pregnant woman in Jacksonville was there.  I laid on a stretcher in the hallway for I don’t know how long.  Then I was wheeled into the surgery recovery room, because there was no birthing rooms available.

I remember there was eight women in there.  I waited and waited and waited.  Finally they visited the lady beside me.  She insisted she was in labor and refused to go home.  They shoved her out the door.  Then they came to me and said, “Yes, Mrs. G. you are in labor.”  I said, “No I’m not.”   “Um, yes you are” and they shoved me in a birthing room.  Then I had this little thing in just a few hours.

Two Weeks Old

He arrived three weeks and one day early.  Weighed 5 lbs 10 oz.  It was a month before  he weighted more than any newer babies at church.

He started screaming the day he was born and didn’t stop until after five months.  Then there was silence every so often, until he started to talk.  There was no silence after that.

He grew the cutest head of curls and cried when they were cut off.

Now in his teen years, he torments by doing things like this.



He stopped talking to me around the age of 14.  He is 17 now and is  talking to me.  Not as much as when he was 4, but I am ok with that.

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

12 responses to “A Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday to Matthew!

    I love your posts, Michelle! Always so cleverly written.
    “There was no silence after that.” 😆
    They usually make me say, I wish I would have thought to say that. 😀

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!
    Wow! Kinda surreal, isn’t it, when our “little ones” get so big! It seems like just yesterday….
    I like the progression of his sounds. I’m glad that he is talking to you again.

  3. Happy Birthday Matthew!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sir Son!!

  5. Happy Birthday from the WolfeDen!

  6. Happy Birthday Matthew! Michelle – you should have ridden in my car last year when the co-op went to Medieval Times. Matthew, Karen O’Connell, and Stephanie Lester rode with me and talked about books they had read the entire time (well, and movies they had seen)! Made my trip so enjoyable to listen to kids that age who actually read good books and can discuss them! I had a blast.

  7. Happy birthday, Matthew! Please continue to torture your mother. 😀

    • LOL!
      Can the Applie reach across the continent and part of an ocean to make the Melanie shut-up? Tune in next week to find out.

      Happy Birthday plus one day!

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