How to set up a Science Lab Book

The Biology class has just completed 1/4 of the Apologia Biology book.  Eleven labs have been completed.  YAY!

Now is the time for the students to start putting their lab notebook together.  Since we meet only once a week, the traditional composition notebook will not work.  I am requesting the students to place their lab write-ups in a three-ring binder, with the following information.

Page 1:  Title Page

  • The name of the student/researcher
  • Name of the school where the labs were performed
  • School year
  • Complete contact information

Pages 2 – 4+:  Table of Content

  • Left column:  Exp. # and Exp. Title
  • Right column:  Page number where the lab can be found.


Exp 1.1   Using a Biological Key………………………………………………………..  5-7

Next pages:

  • All lab write-ups.  In order and numbered.
  • Neatly done.
  • With Sketches if the lab required sketches.
  • No ripped page.
  • No missing pages.
  • No extra doodles.

I will be collecting these notebooks four times during the year.  The final time, it will be graded and will have the same weight as one lab grade.

For more information on how to set up a science lab book, just click on the following links.


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