A Sleepover Party

The Pea #1 had a sleep-over birthday party.  To make it easy on me, I suggested the friends come over for pizza, watch a movie, sleep-over, and then have waffles for breakfast.  That turned out to be very acceptable. 🙂

I found a purple table cloth, gold stars, and movie decorations to make the event special.

Pizza was serve  with lots of talk and giggles.

Afterwards, they adjourned to the living room to watch Tooth Fairy.  There was much giggling going on still.  After the movie, they ate popcorn cupcakes.  The pea and I made them earlier in the day.  They were so much work, I don’t think we will be making them again.   But they were very cute.

At around 11:00pm, it was time for bed.  I went to bed, but they didn’t.  No surprise there. lol   Around 3:30am, I heard them giggling.  I finally got them to be quiet and get some sleep.  The next morning they slept until around 9:30am.

I asked why did they come over for a sleepover when they didn’t sleep.  I was told the reason it was called  sleepover was because you “sleep” “over” the normal time you get up in the morning.   LOL  I think that about sums it up right.

4 responses to “A Sleepover Party

  1. Love the cupcakes. Were they made with BUTTERcream frosting and marshmallows?
    I loved their definition of a sleep-over. What smart kids they are! ;0)

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!! So, so cute!
    We own the Tooth Fairy but I haven’t actually seen it the whole way through. Just bits and pieces when I’m passing through. It looks funny though.
    There are no more sleepovers at our house. They have been banned. But the kids sure do love them.

  3. You are such a good mom for making her birthday special. =)

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