Dear Sis

Dear Sis,

Today the girlies begged for something sweet.  Since I was making bread, I decided to make the family some cinnamon rolls with some of the dough.


The start of yummy goodness.


I melted butter,  dumped sprinkled on brown sugar, and sprinkled on a generous amount of the cinnamon sample you sent to me last Christmas.  It is my favorite of the three samples you sent.


Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon


There is now a huge problem.


empty, vacant, blank, void, vacuous


See my problem?  Fix it ok? Like right now.

Thank you.

Your favorite and best sister,



9 responses to “Dear Sis

  1. Poor Apple.

    Have you checked out King Arthur’s cinnamon?

  2. Wow are you bossy.

  3. Love this post! If you had just sent an email, your sis might not recognize the urgency! Must be some good cinnamon!

  4. I have three sisters, and there is nothing in the world like those sister relationships. I love this post.

  5. Humm. Was this a hint that you want me to get you some more Cinnamon?

  6. Love that cinnamon! I hope you make your Sister some of those delish looking cinnamon rolls.

  7. This stuff comes in big bags … just sayin’

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