Kristy mailed bugs!

I got a small package in the mail the other day.   What a nice surprise, even though this was a small package.  My friend, and cyber sister, Kristy decided she needed to bless me because of my love for bugs.  Isn’t she sweet.   Kind of like stink bug sweet. 😀

Click on any of the photos to get to Kristy’s Corner.

Inside the little package was a beautiful card.  It had friends stamped on the front, with blue butterflies.  Kristy is very talented when it comes to paper craftiness.

I like the way this card opened.  Very nice.  She said this was my belated birthday present.  I was a little miffed because my birthday was EIGHT months ago!  Then I came to my senses and realized my birthday is coming up in just four months.  That means another present.  😀  Yeah, I can do math.

She also said, I was old.  LOL  That’s so funny, because Kristy is older than me and Mom loves me best.

The other thing that was in the small package was a crafted tin.  It is so stinking cute!  It use to be an Altoid tin.  Kristy sells these Altoid tins in her craft shop.  She has a lot to sell.  You thinking what I am thinking?  Yep, Kristy has bad breath.  Just saying.

Look at this thing! It’s got bugs!  I love it!

Click on photo to get to Kristy's.

It is very well made.  Nothing is peeling off, because it is glued on so well.  The inside is made just as well at the outside and she has a “Hand made” stamp with her signature on the inside.  Of course, my favorite color is on the bottom.

She did make a mistake on the underside of the tin.  She put pink felt there!  PINK!  Oh well, I can get over that.  I don’t have to look at the underside.  This pink felt isn’t coming off either.  I don’t know what kind of glue she is using, but it is a good one.  I wonder if she has ever glued her fingers together.  I would, if I did crafts like this.

What I’d really like to know is, how did she get the shiny, bumpy, googy, covering for the top?  It looks and feels so cool.

Kristy suggested I keep the dead bugs in here.  She is so weird.

Thank you Kristy for all your crafty-goodness gifties.  They are beautiful and I love them.    I’m ordering three different ones for Christmas, for my girls.  🙂

Disclaimer:  Kristy did not ask me to blog about her craftiness.  I like her work and wanted to share.


11 responses to “Kristy mailed bugs!

  1. I love mine too!
    How do you link to a site by clicking on the photos. So cool! What a great idea.

  2. LOL! Great post, especially since it is all about me and my wonderfulness. You are so lucky to have me as a sister.
    So when the heck is your birthday, anyway?? Your tweet led me to believe that it was recently. I can’t help it if I get my facts wrong when you don’t respond to my tweets.
    Why does the tin look like it has yellow spots on the top? Is that just from the flash? It wasn’t like that when I sent it out.
    For your information, I can’t help it if I have severe halitosis. That is really rude to make fun of me for my chronic disease. How cruel.

    • There is a little yellow around the black ink, but it shows up mostly under the flash. I can barely see it when just looking at it. What tweets? I don’t remember you asking about my birthday. Of course, my computer died, maybe that was when you asked. Two of my kids had birthdays in September. Maybe that was what I tweeted about earlier. I don’t know. I hope your breath is minty fresh soon. LOL

      • You said something about your daughter saying that you were old now so I asked if was your birthday. You said something else to make me think that you had hit a milestone birthday. I don’t recall exactly!
        And you still haven’t answered when it actually is then. 🙂

      • My birthday is in February. 🙂 Hint: It is coming up soon. lol

  3. What a great gift! That Altoids tin is so cool…maybe she can blog about how she did the lid!

  4. Great post! Love the tin. I would like to know how to make those, too. Of course, I guess the point is that she’s selling them, huh?

  5. To JLSGRANT and Debra,
    Yes, I will have a tutorial on my blog next week if you check over there sometime mid-week.

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