I like…

11 responses to “I like…

  1. Uh, what do you like? I’m confused.


  2. ewww! Cool! ewwww! 😀
    And how does your husband feel about being included? hee hee!
    Love the spider in Applie. Very cool.

  3. Ewww….not me…sorry! :-6

  4. WHY?
    Those are some cool photos though. Did you take all of them?

  5. Dude. I swear, I don’t know why I am always surprised to see big ol’ pictures of spiders over here, but I am. I was sort of expecting chocolate or your kids or something. Not spiders. I need some kind of Spider Desensitizing Therapy.

    No wait – isn’t desensitizing therapy when they totally immerse you in something and hope you get over it? Okay, then nevermind. Ick.

    That crab looking one in the center of the bottom row is kind of interesting, though.

  6. Is there a story as to how you came to like spiders so much? It really is NOT normal you know :o)

  7. Love the collage! The spiny orb weaver and the banana spider are my favorites, as long as they stay outside…if they come into the house, all bets are off! The one at the top center almost has a “human-like” quality! LOL

  8. the collage is great!!! love them all!

  9. Should have know. 😀

    Wondering if CC ever came around???

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