Cookies ‘n Cream

That is my favorite ice cream.

Early in our relationship, Sir Husband would take me to an ice cream store.  I would always order Cookies ‘n Cream.

I started out with just one scoop in a waffle cone.  Then slowly but surely, Sir Husband started eating my ice cream.  If he told me he didn’t want any ice cream, that was my hint to order two scoops of Cookies ‘n Cream.  I knew he would eat half of it, because “he didn’t want any ice cream”.

One time “he didn’t want any ice cream” and as soon as we got out of the store, he wanted a bite.  Then he, um..  he um… dropped it!  He DROPPED my two scoops of Cookies ‘n Cream.  I had one lick from it and he dropped it.  The store is no longer there, but I can still tell you the exact spot he dropped my Cookies ‘n Cream.   I don’t remember sharing my ice cream after that tragedy.   I didn’t care if he “didn’t want any ice cream.”

So fast forward many years and we have four kids.  We can’t afford to buy ice cream at the store, so we wait for Breyer’s to go on sale, BOGO.   Two weeks ago, they were on sale so I bought two  containers (the half gallon size that isn’t half gallon) of Cookies ‘n Cream.

MMM Good!

It was gone in no time.  The Violinist got into the second box.  Can you guess what the problem was with the second box?


That’s right folks, there were no cookies in the Cookies ‘n Cream! We ate it anyway.

I emailed the company, gave them all the numbers off the container, and then asked where are the cookies?  LOL   They emailed me back the same day and assured me this was not their normal product standards.  Well, duh, I have been buying Breyer’s for years and this was a first.  They also said they were sending my email to the packaging manager and sending me a coupon for a free container of ice cream.  I think I’ll do something a little different and get Cookies ‘n Cream.

Good company, good ice cream.  You have to be selective, because some of their ice cream isn’t All Natural.

6 responses to “Cookies ‘n Cream

  1. That’s my favorite ice cream too!
    We’ll have to add that to the ways we are alike. (Yesterday, I was just reading your comment on my post about my refrigerator — Hee hee, I saw I had never replied to a question.)
    Yay for the free coupon! 🙂

  2. It’s funny how you keep dredging that one up, and yes I still remember the crime scene location too. How could I forget. It must have been very traumatic. I know these fond memories come to you in groups of three, so dare I ask what two other transgressions you will recall next?
    P.S. I still like you.

  3. LOL…you and Sir Husband are so cute.
    That is weird about the ice cream. That is the one that I buy all the time too. I have to be careful though because the boys will eat it in about 2 days. So I have to ration it out.

    P.S. I like you both.

  4. What did we ever eat before Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream?

    I don’t think I have ever heard my husband say, “I don’t want any ice cream”. Nope. Never.

  5. Cookies n Cream is one of my favorites too! I am glad that they mailed you a coupon for free ice cream.

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