The Awesomeness Returns!

Now available on my Etsy Shop, the Edible Cell Project – A Mad Science Experiments and seven Edible Cell certificates.  Fun!

Appliejuice Etsy Shop

Yes, it is that time of year to show off my students awesomeness.  What is so awesome about them?  I mean besides their facilitator.  It is none other than their AWESOME EDIBLE CELLS!  Everyone say Woo Hoo. Bring it on!

Here are the cells.  There are five animal cells and one plant cell.  They got to pick what they wanted to create.  🙂

Yes, I have a great class.  They all worked very hard on their project.

And now for the Awards:

This young man won a giant Hershey candy bar.

The young lady above won a cute squishy toy.

The young lady below won a container of glitter goo.

And now for the one we have all been waiting for….The Hideous Cell.

Class!  Well Done!!

Updated to add:  Yes someone had a bite of the Hideous Cell.  I’ll be posting about it next Wednesday.

Want to know how to do this?  Go here.


8 responses to “The Awesomeness Returns!

  1. Did anybody try eating one this year?

  2. Oh my gosh!! I can’t wait to see ours…coming soon to a blog near you!! Friday is our lucky day! 🙂 Did anyone try a bite of The Most Hideous Cell??

    • Yes, someone tried the Hideous Cell. I, being brainless and all, forgot to get the award for it bravery. So…it will be handed out next Tuesday and the post will be written for Wednesday. I am bummed about forgetting it. LOL

  3. Those ARE awesome! I want to be in your class!

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