You ate WHAT!?

One of the highlights of facilitating a Biology class, is watching what the students will be brave enough to do.   Just like a two year old, they will put anything in their mouths, however; Biology students KNOW what they are eating.

Case in point.

Remember the Awesome Edible Cells?  Scroll down and watch the video.  Go ahead I’ll wait.    ….   …..  Yeah, that one.  The Hideous Cell.    You guessed it.  Someone was brave enough to take the first bite.  Only two students out of six took a bite.  Only one bite.

Notice the extra cameras.  This was a momentous occasion.  It will go down in history.   It needed to be recorded.

I don’t think he liked it much.  Go figure.

That's Nasty!

This young man needed an appropriate award.  It isn’t everyday you see someone eat a hideous cell.   His award was a box of candy.  Not just any candy, though.

It was Take-Out Gummy Fried Noodles and Eyeballs with candy sauce.  Oh yeah, perfect.    Want to know what was inside?  Sure you do.

The taste buds are rejoicing!

Gummy eyeballs, noodle guts, and blood sauce.  It even comes with its own plastic chopsticks.  Special Chinese take-out!

10 responses to “You ate WHAT!?

  1. Well, darn, how come you don’t have video of the facilatator taking a bite? That would have been cool!

  2. Hmmm… I don’t see the video!
    But you have two brave students. =)

  3. oh my gosh!! where on earth did you find that?

  4. Love the post!!! great photos and congrats to the very brave souls for tasting it.

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