My New Cookbook

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to update my cookbook.  The one I have is a three-ring binder stuffed with all kinds of recipes I don’t use.  I wanted something different, something that would match my kitchen.  So after searching stores and the web, I knew what I wanted and I couldn’t just buy it.

So, I emailed Kristy and demanded asked her to make a front cover and spine cover to go in a black three-ring binder.   I had specific instructions.

  1. Retro 1950’s kitchen style or maybe a Diner thing.
  2. Dark red.
  3. Recipes written on the binder.

Well, she got all high and mighty on me and said she has to be able to creative things with it.   The nerve!  I said sure!  She is very creative, but don’t tell her I said that.

This is what she came up with.  Isn’t it pretty!  She even put my name on it.  😀

Kristy said she liked it so much she made an identical one for herself.  I don’t understand why she would want my name on her cookbook, but whatever.

The details are wonderful.  You can see some of them here.

She even put a cute little bow at the corner.

Here is the spine.

During her creative high and mightiness, she created the dividers for the catagories.  😀  She laminated them and they look really nice.

It looks really nice on my counter too!

Now I just need to fill it with the recipes that I actually use. lol

Thanks Kristy!  I love it!

13 responses to “My New Cookbook

  1. Wow. She is *very* creative! I love that cookbook.
    I’ll have to show my girls. =)

  2. LOL…I will have a rebuttal post with my version of reality sometime next week. The binder looks good in your kitchen.

  3. Kristy is AWESOME! I think my favorite is the dividers. I mean… All of it is cool – but the dividers are pretty neat!! Good job!

  4. That is SO GREAT! When do the rest of us get our binder inserts?

    Also – I love mid-century modern stuff. I would LOVE To have a formica table in my kitchen, complete with the boomerang pattern on top.

  5. Very nice!!! I am putting together a cookbook for my daughter that is getting married soon. It wont be that cool tho!

  6. Kristy, you did a good job! =)

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  8. Very nice.

    Maybe I need to ask Kristy for something similar!

  9. I am so jealous! Happy Thanks giving to you and Happy December

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