I finished something!

Deb over at Not Inadequate is having a Blog Hop.   It is called “Just Finish Something Already!”.    Since I haven’t finished anything in like For.Ev.Er, I wasn’t able to participate until now.  Just two weeks before the Blog Hop ends.  Go figure.

Here is what I actually finished over the weekend.  A hat.  Yes, a hat.  Problem with that?  Ok, so it isn’t really a big project, requiring lots of planning, and steps to finish.  But it is FINISHED!  And it is one less Christmas gift that I have to make or buy. WOOT!

This hat is for my second daughter, aka Pea #1.

The pattern is from the book Positively Crochet by Mary Jane Hall.   Yarn is Marble Chunky, in a purple color.   It is an acrylic yarn, which is perfect for little girls who don’t take care of their clothes.

My favorite part about this hat is the crown.  I just like the way it looks.

You can find more information on this hat at my Ravelry project page.

Now on to finish my sweater, so I can post something next Monday.

15 responses to “I finished something!

  1. Oh that is cute!!! Love the color. Love the crown pattern. Love that you finished it!!

  2. Very nice it looks like knit. Beautiful color too!

  3. Good job! Yes – acrylic is perfect for kids. How did you do the crown?

    • The hat is done side to side, then sewn together like a tube. Then you take one open end and crochet a round of sc, then decrease until the hole is closed. Something like that. lol

  4. Congratulations on finishing something!

    Now I shall visit Rav and post something nice about your chunky purple hat.

  5. Very nice! I like the way the colors kind of blend together while still remaining separate.

  6. BTW, I friended you on Ravelry, hope that’s okay. I recently deleted all of my projects and photos, so it looks like I haven’t done much, but I really have! Just felt like a fresh start.

  7. That is a lovely hat, especially the way the colors are.

  8. So pretty! I just love the top! Good job finishing sometime….life is busy sometimes 🙂

  9. cute, I want one (0: It’s going to be cold here this Winter.

  10. Oooh – I found you on Ravelry! I am NewKnitterChick and I added you to my friends list. You too, Other Deb. All my stuff is boring, though.

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