A favorite spot

When we put up the tree, our dog found her favorite spot.

4 responses to “A favorite spot

  1. Awww…one of our cats does the same thing! So comfy under the tree…and they just know, one morning they may wake up and find something just for them!

  2. Awww….our Harry dog likes to sleep right under the tree since there are no presents right now . One year one of the boys had a wrapped bean bag chair near the tree and he would sleep on that. Or when his wrapped treats finally get under the tree, he will sleep next to that package. Dogs are funny.

    • Last year, Maple kept taking the tree skirt, moving it to a corner, and then curled up on it to go to sleep. lol

      I’m surprised your dog didn’t get into his treats. He knew they were there.

  3. That is so cute (-:

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