The Violinist Turned 13!

Yes, The Violinist turned 13!


She invited four friends to spend the night, but that was only part of the fun.  The best part was going to see Narnia in 3D, at 10:00pm.

It was a fun night for all.

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After the movie, we went home and had cake and ice cream.  All under a black light.  The girls dressed in black/white and wore white gangster hats.

Happy Birthday Susanna!  You have become a very beautiful young lady and I am very proud of you.




8 responses to “The Violinist Turned 13!

  1. Oooooohhhhhhh!!! I love her name in all those pretty fonts! Is that off the computer?

    Happy Birthday Miss Violinist! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Susanna! What a fun party. You are a cool mom for taking them to the 10pm movie. Where there any other people in the theater or did you have to wait for them all to leave to get the photos??

  3. Cute. Cute! and Cuter!!

    Happy Birthday, Susanna!

  4. Happy Birthday Susanna!!!1

  5. What happened to that little girl you used to post about and share pictures of ?

    You now have a “young lady” on your hands, sure hope you and Sir Husband are prepared for the boys who’ll want to be stopping by to see the pretty girl!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your baby! She has GORGEOUS hair – that color is to die!

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