Co-op Christmas Concert

We arrived early, so that Susanna and the other students could practice and warm up.  Since I was not allowed in the church while they practiced; one daughter, two friends, and I waited out in the entryway.

About two minutes after some of the students went into the church, the girls came back out and all went into a very small bathroom.  Not to miss a photo opportunity, I barged in.   So cute to hear all the giggling and primping.  lol

While they were out of the church, I forced a few of them to stand by the tree.  They look so pretty in their Christmas attire.

And they all sang beautifully!

Susanna is on the right, second row.  Here’s an up close picture of her, so you can see how pretty she is.   😀

4 responses to “Co-op Christmas Concert

  1. She *is* beautiful! And so is the singing. =)

  2. They really do sound lovely! I love that song. Very appropriate as I head off to BSF to study the book of Isaiah this morning.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I love the shot of all the co-op girls. I sure do miss all you guys.

  4. Great video and they sounded beautiful……Thanks for sharing.

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