Executive Carolers

One cold, dark night the neighborhood kids and their parents met out in the middle of the street.

To annoy everyone, I started taking pictures without warning.  Yes, the flash of the camera was very effective.    Below is my neighbor posing.  She is so weird.   Apparently she passed this weirdness onto her children.  The young man above is her son.  I rest my case.

Two of the three fathers joined us. They are asking, “Why do we do this every year?”  The third husband ran away to go hunting.

The Executive Carolers visited several houses.  It really was a blessing to see the kids so excited to sing for their neighbors.

The carolers did a very fine job.   The neighbors enjoyed it  and asked them to do it again next year.


6 responses to “Executive Carolers

  1. Love it! I want them to come and carol at my house next year. We’ve never had carolers.
    And your neighbor does look really weird. But I love her outfit…she’s super cute!

  2. Oh I love it! You can come sing at my house!! 🙂
    Great job kids!

  3. Awesome!

  4. cute. Looks like everyone had a good time (-:

  5. How cool. Where do you get the music?

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