Christmas Lights

Took the girls out on our annual Christmas Light drive.  Some times the girls wear their jammies, but this year only one wore them.   All we do is drive around in near by neighborhoods.

We always drive down one certain street, because there are two houses with musical lights.  The lights blink to the beat of the music.  So fun.

Some houses get carried away with the lights.  I always wonder how long it takes them to take them down and what their electric bill will be.  There is another set of light on the other side of this house.

We even see some Florida snowmen.  They don’t melt unless the hot air they are filled with turns off.    lol

As always, the girls have fun and we come home to have cookies.  🙂

2 responses to “Christmas Lights

  1. Sounds fun. It’s too cold to go driving around here. We’d need to wear snowsuits to be comfortable. I’ll take a cookie though.

  2. That is always a nice family thing to do. =D

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