Sir Husband Cooks

Chicken Marsala

Sir Husband has the talent of being able to taste foods at resturants and figure out how to make it at home.  I don’t.  It works for me.

Chicken Marsala


  • onions
  • garlic
  • some kind of herbs
  • chicken broth
  • boneless/skinless chicken breasts
  • spinach
  • butter
  • butter
  • heavy cream
  • Marsala

Cook onions, garlic, and mushrooms in butter.  Set aside.

Slice chicken and cook in butter and olive oil.  Set aside.

In another pan mix, some kind of herbs, butter, and heavy cream.

Add some wine.

Add salt and pepper.

Add some more wine.  Drink what is left in bottle.

Then mix the onion stuff, chicken stuff, and the heavy cream/wine stuff together.  Somewhere along the line, he added the spinach.

Serve over pasta, but don’t dump the pasta into the sink like I did.

Sorry, I can’t tell you the exact ingredients or the measurements.  If I learn this, then Sir Husband may expect me to cook more.  It would ruin our Mutualistic Relationship.

I would also have to start using tons of butter and heavy cream in every  meal.  My backside would be much bigger than it is now.

This was a whole stick of butter.  What you don’t see was put in this meal, with the heavy cream.

Another reason I don’t want to know how he cooks, is the fact that he uses every single pot, pan, and utensil; in. the. state. of. Florida.  I’m a one or two pot type of cook.

Hmmmm.  Come to think of it, this isn’t a Mutualistic Relationship; where we both benefit.  More like a Parasitic Relationship.  He cooks and eats.  I have to clean his mess.

It works for me!

Thank you, Honey, for a lovely meal!  ♥♥♥

15 responses to “Sir Husband Cooks

  1. *Swoons and faints*
    The day that happens in this house will be the day that Jesus calls me home. The end.

  2. How wonderful that you have a man who cooks for you.

    I just throw everything in the dishwasher.

  3. My husband cooks, too. He also uses every pot and pan when he does it. I cope by cleaning after him as he cooks, so when he is done so are all the dishes. He also is unable to close a single drawer or cabinet after he has opened it. He has passed this trait on to our children.

  4. Wow…that is awesome!! He looks so handy at the stove. I love your stove. Can I be in stove envy? Randy cannot recreate it by taste…but he will hunt high and lo for what the recipe is and he will help ME prepare it…LOL!

  5. haha, my dh cooks a little, but he uses a lot of dishes and utensils too!
    Love the Mutualistic/Parasitic comparison. =D

  6. Lucky you! The Man will cook anything as long as it’s a) meat, and b) on the grill.

    I just love your kitchen.

  7. Oh! I just remembered The Man made jambalaya a few months ago. It was very good. I have been refusing to cook it ever since we left Mississippi because it has too many ingredients. I like to keep meals to 6 ingredients or less. LOL

  8. That dish looks delicious. The Bro is a genius.

  9. That is making me SO HUNGRY.

    My husband used to cook….I must’ve gone wrong somewhere, because the most he does now is boil noodles.

  10. Looks fabulous with all that cream and butter….which is good for you, btw. 😉

  11. That looks like a wonderful meal. My hubby is a bit similar in that he tends to make a mess when he cooks but I don’t get too upset as he will clean it all up afterwards…..though his idea of when it should be cleaned up varies greatly from mine, I try to clean as I go and finish right after dinner while he will often wait hours!!

    I have no idea how to make lasagna, pancakes, waffles or use the grill – when I learn he’ll lo longer do it.

  12. What a wonderful skill to have! You are a lucky woman. The dinner looks delicious. I say have the kids clean up the mess for a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

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