A Shrug

Over the Christmas Break , I decided to work on a shrug for The Violinist.  The pattern comes from Positively Crochet by Mary Hall.

The yarn is Marble Chunky bought from The Local Needle.  It is acrylic, but that is the only kind of yarn I’ll use for my kids at this time.  🙂   I picked her favorite colors.  Blues, greens, and teals.

The pattern was really easy to follow.  The shrug is made in two pieces and then sewn up the back.

l like how the back looks.

The only thing left to do with  this shrug is to attach a button on the front.  I hope to get a purple or green toggle button from The Local Needle.

The Violinist seems to be pleased with it.  I just hope she will actually wear it.   Pea #1 also wants a shrug, but it will be  different pattern than this one. 🙂

16 responses to “A Shrug

  1. WOW! I want one! I love those colors, the yarn is great. Love the pattern too – it looks very cool (like…the ‘kids’ will like it cool!) You should come see my button collection before going to the store.
    Good job! Can’t wait to see the next one. 😀

    • You have a button collection? I am having a hard time getting to the store and the lady is having a hard time getting my order ready. There’s a good reason though. Maybe I should pop over and see your collection. 🙂

      Correction: The Local Needle is working hard to get my order ready. That is the best yarn store!

  2. It looks like a butterfly from the back! Very cute. I could see why the other pea wants one too. I do too!

  3. That looks great, Applie! The yarn was a good choice.

  4. Very cute! Bolero-ish, almost. I wish I had a button collection….some of my friends have advised me to look for them at garage sales. That is going to be my mission this summer – score an old lady’s button collection.

  5. Oh, I love it! Very pretty.

  6. It looks wonderful and you do beautiful work!

  7. I had not heard of a shrug before. Yours is a really cute item.

  8. What a beautiful shrug and I’m so glad that the Violinist loves it!!!
    I’m with Kristy, I want one too! 🙂

  9. Very pretty! It looks good on her! Over Christmas break? You are awesome!

  10. Beautiful work and yarn !

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