A list of rubbish, hogwash, crayola, poo…

  • I froze my feet last night, because I was too lazy to get up and put on socks.
  • Sir Husband was left with 2″ of the bed, trying to get away from my cold feet.
  • Every single appliance in our kitchen, died over the summer.   We thought we were done with replacing things. But…
  • I took out a  9×13 glass pan from the oven and placed it on the stove.  It exploded, sending shattered glass six inches into the air.   I bought the pan two months ago, because in the 27 years of our marriage, I never had a 9×13 inch pan.   Now I still don’t have one.
  • Pea #1 announced that Pea #2 will hurt us with the bombs that come out of her butt, if we don’t share M&Ms with her.
  • The siblings of Pea #2 get mad when we serve corn for dinner.  They say Pea#2 is allergic to corn, because we will hear, smell, and see it later.
  • After grounding Pea #2 from all fun activities for her bad attitude and tantrums about school and that didn’t work, I announced I’d send her to public school.  If she wasn’t going to learn from me, she can learn from someone else.  She quickly went into a Royal Tantrum, threw her backpack by the garbage can and announced she didn’t need them anymore, because I was sending her to boarding school.  This wasn’t the first time.  Click here.
  • I could really use a total break from all humans below the age of 30, for a month or more.
  • I created frog guts yesterday and will post lovely photos tomorrow.  So come back and have a look.

14 responses to “A list of rubbish, hogwash, crayola, poo…

  1. That must be one HOT oven!

  2. ROFL…..i figures. I know how you feel, needing to get around more adults for a break. Have a better day today! 🙂

  3. *DH and I were just commenting on the fact that I used to sleep with flannel pajamas and socks. Since I have become old, I am now a furnace when I am sleeping. I sleep in a tank top and shorts. Husband likes to move in close to warm himself up each night.
    *You are lucky that you were not impaled by flying glass shards! How exciting. I had that happen with an acrylic cutting board once. It’s amazing how that temperate glass shatters into millions of pieces.
    *Pea #1 is pretty funny!

    *Pea #2 is very naughty. Tell her that Aunt Kristy is going to come down to Florida and spank her if she doesn’t start behaving. Or threaten to send her up to the cold, dark North where I will make her go outside and shovel snow for hours on end.
    *Or if you need a break, *You* come up to the cold, dark North and we will hide from the children and do fun, girly things together :).

  4. Were your beautiful rolls ruined? That would be more upsetting than losing the cake pan!

  5. Butt bombs and tantrums, Oh My!

    You know, there’s nothing wrong with Mama taking a break. Hugs

  6. “six inches into the air” – hahaha
    0_0 Actually, I am so glad that you are not a very short lady.

  7. I say that Pea someplace that will show her just how good she has it at home. Public school just might be the place. Though Kristy’s idea of snow shoveling has it’s merits as well.

    I think that you need a break.

  8. I think this is a sign from God that Sir Husband should take over all kitchen duties from now on. Hahahaha. God is funny sometimes.

    This was not the best homeschool week ever at our house, either, but at least we didn’t have any corn.

  9. Yikes! I’m so glad you weren’t cut by flying shards of glass!
    Sounds like this was a crazy week:p
    Hoping this week is better for you.

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