Are We Beautiful?

Module 11:  The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animalia;  Apologia Biology

Symmetry:  balanced proportions; also : beauty of form arising from balanced proportions.

Beauty of form arising from balanced proportions?  T or F

Let’s investigate this questions.

There are three kinds of symmetry:

  1. Spherical symmetry. Ex. Volvox or ball.  You can slice it in half any way you want and you’ll have two identical sides.
  2. Radial Symmetry – Can be cut into two identical halves by any longitudinal slice through the center.  Ex. Sea Anemone, Jelly fish, flowers, pineapple.
  3. Bilateral Symmetry – Can be can be cut into two identical halves by a single longitudinal slice. Right down the middle.  Ex.  Flatworm, straw, humans.  Humans!?  Really?

To find out if we humans have “identical halves” and we are beautiful due to balanced proportions, I took mug shots of my students.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then took the photos and flipped them left to right.   The original photos and the flipped photos were printed for each student.

I made a longitudinal slice from top to bottom of each photo and handed them to the students.  The first two slices were the original photo and the students placed them together.  They liked what they saw, but couldn’t figure out what I was doing with them.  🙂

Next I handed them the flipped photo and instructed them to take the left side and place it next to the left side.  Do the same with the right side.

The screams, giggles, and OMG!  Were priceless.  LOL  Are we identical?  No, God did not make us that way and let us be thankful He did not.

Do we have bilateral symmetry?  Yes, but each side is not identical.

Are we beautiful?  Yes!  God has made us beautiful just the way we are and let us be thankful for that.

To find out what we did last year and get some awesome links, go here.

Here are some links to addition videos for this module.

6 responses to “Are We Beautiful?

  1. What a great idea!! Awesome!! 🙂 I’m adding you’re link to my Module 11 post right now!! Love it! I wish I could be in your class!

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  3. I love your blog and I have chosen you for an award! Come visit me at to claim your award!

  4. Please tell me how you flipped the pictures from left to right – I’d love to do this with my students! Love your ideas and thank you for sharing!
    Peg in Indy

    • Hi Peg! I did them in paint on my computer. Just upload the photo in Paint, click on rotate, then click on Flip horizontally. You can also use Picasa or Picnik. Both are photo editing software and free.

      Let me know if you need anymore help.

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