Today is my sister’s birthday!

I have two sisters, Leasa and Dava.  I am better than they are, but you should know that already.

All three of us were born in February.  Just 12 months and six days apart.  For six days out of the year Leasa and I are the same age.   Yep, I was just 6 days shy of my 1st birthday, when Leasa graced the world.  Some 1st birthday gift!  There have been many times I had wanted to return it.   I was just six days past my 2nd birthday, when Dava graced the world.  Now there were TWO of them!  I wanted to return that one many times, as well.  Actually, I am very thankful to have them as sisters. I love my sisters.

One year our family decided we should just share one cake, since our birthdays are so close together .     😯    That happened only once.  I won’t go into details, but will say it wasn’t pretty.

Everyone says I am the oldest, but I know I am not the oldest.  There was a mix-up at home.  I just know it.  I now have proof!  Here are my two sisters.  This is the only picture Dava sent to me of the both of them.  It’s small, but that is what I got.

Leasa is on the left and Dava is on the right.  We all kind of look alike, except I am the prettiest.  Several times growing up people thought we were triplets.  Sometimes we let them think that.  Sometimes we told people one of us was adopted.

Ok, back to my proof.  Here it is.  Again sorry for the small pictures.     Sisters…

There is Leasa on the right.  Her “grown” son on the left.  And what do you see in his arms?  A BABY!  The cutest little great nephew there ever was!  Oh yeah, the proof.  That cute bundle of cuteness is Leasa’s  GRANDBABY!!  SEE! She’s a grandma!  I am not.  There’s the proof.  Leasa is the oldest.  Glad I could clear that up for ya’ll.

Let’s get back to the baby for a moment.

This is Liam.  7 lbs 10 oz – 19 1/2″ tall – born 11/01/10 – 6:12 pm.  😀

Isn’t he sweet!  He takes ofter me, his great auntie.  He made Leasa a GRANDMA, but made me great. Ok, I was already great, but he helps.  He made Dava great too, but not as great as me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEASA!  I hope you have a wonderful day.

Your card was mailed yesterday, so you’ll get it late.  Sorry.

11 responses to “Today is my sister’s birthday!

  1. You are the best Applie, but Dava is the prettiest. LOL I hope you all have a wonderful birthday this month! I think that you all were found in a cabbage patch. Cute photos! Why is it when I blog, no one notices? I will try to find something new to blog about soon. I bet the St. Augustine trip was really fun. I would’ve enjoyed that! Have a blessed day!

  2. Happy Birthday Leasa!!! You are lucky to have the Applie as a big sister.

  3. All I can say to the sisters is …~*sigh*~…WOW, we KNOW how AMAZING you ladies are to have a sister like Michelle!! :O) How did you EVER survive?! hee hee…and ya’ll look pretty good too…not too worse for the wear! :O) We all know too, how BLESSED Grandma is to be soooo young and fortunate she is, to be ABLE to keep up with her grand kids…unlike those people who wait FOREVER to start having kids…boy, they had to WAIT just to become Aunts…and now, yet…Leasa has made you GREAT…WOW, what a sister!! :O)

  4. Happy Birthday Month, to the Applie Sisters!

  5. Happy Birthday to my Sisters this month! You all can say what you want but I’ll Always be the youngest (-:

  6. Happy Birthday to the Applie sisters! Three babies in three years? The person who’s clearly the most amazing here is the sisters’ mama! It must be tough for Leasa and Dava to have such a brilliant, beautiful and young sister in Applie. I’m sure she is gracious enough not to rub it in their faces, though.

  7. NO -wait! It’s three babies in TWO years. I’m gonna need a little lie-down…

  8. Whoa, birthday cake sharing between 3 girls- What a great idea! =x

    Happy birthday Leasa. Your grand baby looks really adorable in those little photos.

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