Them Thar’s Mudbugs!

Apologia Biology Module 11:  The Invertebrates of Kingdom Animali

Some helpful links for the Crayfish dissection:

Remember back in August I posted a photo of Crayfish in a bucket?

Well, here is the real thing…

The specimens in a bucket filled with liquid are much better than ones in a bag. 🙂

I take them out one at a time.  Kinda pretty aren’t they?

Characteristics of a Crayfish:


Four pairs of walking legs and swimmerts.  The large front swimmerts with the hooks, indicate this is a male.

Gills and open circulatory system

Antenna and antennule for balance, sense, smell, taste.

and lots of parts.

This was a fun class.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next up for dissection is the fish!

2 responses to “Them Thar’s Mudbugs!

  1. Those look really nice and juicy! You’re right, the ones in the bag aren’t nearly that nice. I love your slideshow.

  2. Our specimen was in a bag and based on your photographs, it was not even close to being as good to dissect as yours from the bucket.

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