The Manatees That Weren’t

A couple of Saturdays ago, Sir Husband and I decided we should take The Peas to see the Manatees at Blue Springs.  Pea #1 is nuts about Manatees.

So we hop into the car and head south into this…

Yes, it starts to rain.  We continue on and decide to have a good time anyway!

We asked at the gate how many Manatees they had and they said there was only six.   They were all gone by the time we got down to the springs. 😦

We did see one baby gator, trying to sun itself when there wasn’t any sunshine.

Even though it was a drizzly day, we had a good time.  It is a lovely place even if it is raining and the Manatees are gone. 🙂

If you want to see the Manatees, you can check out my last years post about them.

2 responses to “The Manatees That Weren’t

  1. Sorry you didn’t see any manatees, but what a pretty walk!

  2. That trip should be memorable, it’s not every time one goes to a park in the rain and then doesn’t see what they went to see, and then it’s still a good day.

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