How to Poach an Egg

Step One:  Find a good looking husband.  (always step one)

Step Two:  While looking at a recipe for Poached Eggs, casually ask the good looking husband, “How do you poach an egg?”  IF he does not give the right instructions, you’ll need to find another good looking husband.  Mine gave the right answer, so I get to keep him.

Step Three:  Whine Ask the husband to make some poached eggs.  Of course he will say yes, because you are so worth it!

Step Four:  Bring water in a skillet to a boil.  Not a rolling boil.

Step Five:  Crack one egg in a measuring cup and gently slip the egg into the boiling water.

Step Six:  Do the same with all the other eggs your good looking husband is going to cook.  Then let it poach for three minutes.  This one was a little messy, but I like the husband and decided to keep him.  I know he can improve with my help.

Step Seven:  Place cooked eggs in a bowl, because they slide right off the plate. Ask me how I know.

Step Eight:  Watch this video.  It’s one of those edge-of-the-seat type movies.  Makes you anxious and want to see more.   Spoiler:  You won’t see the good looking husband in it.  Sorry.

8 responses to “How to Poach an Egg

  1. I hate to break it to you but that one will always be messy. We always think we can change them, but we can’t :).

    So are poached eggs runny and slimy at all? Does the yolk cook all the way. We don’t like slimy, runny eggs here.

    • l love runny yokes, but hate runny whites. I also hate hard cooked yokes. It’s like eating chalk. I suppose if you cook it longer than three minutes, it will cook on the inside. The calories are lower because you are not using butter. 🙂

      Did you like the video? Wasn’t it impressive? LOL

  2. What a great job. Thanks. Personally, I’d cook it longer. I like chalk! 😀

  3. Sheer awesomeness. I wish my husband would make me poached eggs. My mom used to put buttered toast cubes in the bottom of the bowl before she put the egg in it. So good!

  4. LOL, good-looking husband — check. 😉

    We did this not too long ago and actually had fun doing it. Since we haven’t done it again, I guess that was enough. I love boiled eggs.

  5. I’ve got the good looking husband.
    He would do this for me if I asked.
    I don’t like poached, fried or hard boiled eggs.

    Did not watch clip, sorry.

    I love the posts where you show off how spoiled you are with a great man – not as good as mine but he’s up there. 😀

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