Getting to the Point

IMPORTANT UPDATE 6/18/2013:   Not Inadequate now has her own business to sell these pencil sharpeners.  Go to and buy yourself at least two.  🙂  I’m thinking of a reason to buy a third one.  The RED one. It needs to be in my home.

On February 18th  Deb, at Not Inadequate, blogged about her Shopping Triumph. She went on and on and on about the manual pencil sharpener.  Really she did.

I have an electric sharpener.  It is my second Heavy Duty sharpener and it stinks.  It sharpens unevenly, lead breaks, it’s noisy.  Now we buy click pencils.  The click pencils are squeaking.  Like draging your fingers down the chalkboard squeaking! squeeeeeek, squeeeeek, squeeeeeek…. You get the picture.  So, Deb’s post came at a very critical point in my life.  We either had to get a new sharpener for real pencils or write with crayons.  Crayons don’t erase math problems well, so a new sharpener it is.

I told Deb, I’d wait a month after she has it and if it is still great, I was going to buy one.  Probably two.  I don’t like to share my school supplies with my kids.  I didn’t want them to use my crayons either.

After reading the post and seeing how cute the little thing was, I decided to have a look at this web-site Classroom Friendly Supplies.  I wanted to know what else they sold and to my surprise they only sell two items.  TWO!  SHARPENERS!   Nothing else.  Nada, Zip, Zero, Noodle!   Heck, if a company  ONLY makes sharpeners, they must be grand at it.

Deb received four sharpeners to give away.  She gave me one, because I let her know about the secret.  I won’t repeat it here.  It’s a secret.  Last week I got the package in the mail.  It is a pretty sharpener.  So pretty, I decided to attach it to my Command Center, for all the world to see.  Also the kids can use it without going to the other room and staying there for 3 hours, not doing their work.

Isn’t it pretty?   It comes with the option to use it left-handed or right-handed.   Since I have only two left-handed kids and I am right-handed myself, I attached it so that a normal right-handed person can use it.

If you get confused and can’t figure out what the thing is, all you have to do is look on the top.  It tells you what it is.   Look at those lovely pencils.  All sharpened equally well.  No squeaks!

It’s so easy to use.  Here is Pea #1 demonstrating. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying a second one of these. Homeschoolers cannot have too many sharpeners.

This sharpener is not quiet, but it is not as loud as my electric sharpener.

UPDATE  3/26/2011:  We just sharpened 351 pencils for students to use in group testing.  We had three electric sharpeners and the green manual one.


  • Heavy Duty Electric Sharpener: 40 seconds to sharpen three pencils.  We had to let it rest often, because the motor got hot and wouldn’t run.  The wooden part at the sharp lead was uneven.  Sharp broke often.
  • Non-heavy duty Electric Sharpener: 3 min, 9 seconds to sharpen three pencils. The wooden part at the sharp lead was uneven.  Sharp broke often.  We had two non-heavy duty; one was dead.
  • Green Manual Sharpener: 45 seconds to sharpen 3 pencils.  Sharpened points stayed sharp.  Wooden area is smooth and even.
  • Kids fought over who was going to use the manual sharpener.   They sharpened around 250 pencils with the manual one.   Worked great.

Pencil Revolution review says it so much better than I do.

20 responses to “Getting to the Point

  1. I agree! A great sharpener is a MUST.
    Mine is not great. It sharpens really good, but it needs pretty fresh batteries to work well. You have to remember not to push the pencil in too far or it will jam, so you have to pull it back up a bit.

    I like yours. Pretty cool with the black thingies. It just pulls the pencil right in and eats it. 🙂
    How does it do w/ a pencil that is already partly sharpened? Can you “feel” when it is done?

    • Works great with one already sharpened too. The handle gets kind of floppy when it is done sharpening. The points are not fragile either. They are when I use the electric sharpener.

  2. Guess they didn’t have red huh? :o)

  3. Hmmm…it is much nosier than I expected. Doesn’t the website say virtually silent?

    Love your fancy, Harney tea pencil holder.

  4. That’s really neat. And a nice break from frog guts. LOL

  5. Yay! I am so glad you like it! It looks great on your Command Center!

    I didn’t know your daughters were lefties – my daughter is a lefty too. Got any tips? I ordered some left-handed pencils from a place in the UK.

    • My oldest (a boy) and my youngest (a girl) are lefties.

      Make sure they hold their pencil correctly.
      Don’t force them to write on a chalkboard or white-board. They just erase what they write. LOL
      Never heard of left-handed pencils. I just made sure their paper and pencil were position correctly.
      Rebekah still writes her o, a, 9, etc.. backwards; from right to left. She is learning cursive now and cursive will fix that problem.
      When you are watching what they write, sit on their right side. lol

      That’s all I got. 😀

  6. Love it! Does it eat that much of the pencil? Or is that just a timer of sorts? Or is it just the clamp that holds onto the pencil helping it to feed in straight? Engineering minds want to know! ;0)
    I love tools. I love gadgets even…but my electrical sharpener works quite nicely, albeit a bit loud.

  7. I would like one of those, I think.

  8. ok, I’m convinced I have got to buy one of these for my house.

  9. Holy Cow Ethel! Go get me my checkbook!

    Your daughter makes a nice how to video.

  10. Me: “Okay, I’m buying that.”
    Anemone: “Gasp! Really???”

  11. I finally showed this to the Husband and ordered it today!

  12. It is funny that no matter how technologically we advance some of the original devices work best. We mainly use mechanical pencils here, never had a problem w/squeaking though.

  13. Not Inadequate

    You are so awesome, Michelle. I really appreciate it. I mean it.

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