Barred Owl

Typical Voice  Click here scroll down to find the link.  So cool.  I clicked on it and my dogs started barking; then ran to the door to go outside.

Barred Owl

  • Kingdom:  Animalia
  • Phylum:    Chordata
  • Class:       Aves
  • Adult:
    16 – 25 inches
    1 – 2 pounds

    Habitat:   Dense wooded areas
    Food:   Meadow voles, mice, and shrews.

    I took this photo at Palatka Ravines on 2/26/2011.  It was so close to us!   

    I made this photo into journal pages.  I was playing around with a photo editing thing and discovered I could remove the background with a click of a button.  Then I placed the owl as a watercolor in Word.  Now, for the life of me, cannot find where I was able to do that.   If anyone knows what I did, please tell me. I’d like to make more journals like this.  

    Owl Journal Page 5×8″ size

    Hope you enjoy it.

    6 responses to “Barred Owl

    1. Awesome photo! Owls are so interesting.
      We learned a lot from watching an owl web cam last year. I liked it better than the kids, lol. 🙂
      Scroll down for the owl links.

    2. I startled my Goobs with the hooting. Then I played the recording!

    3. LOL at the dogs. Now you know how to make them leave the room.

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