Questions Answered

Here are the questions I received from a previous post.  Answers are in red.

Marty asked:  How old are you?
It’s been mentioned somewhere on this blog how old I am.  You can figure it out.

Kristy asked:  You have a son graduating next year. What are his plans after graduation?
No plans.  He is a loner.  Doesn’t care for any hoop-lah or parties.  He will simply go from early enrollment to college and on with his life.  No mile stones for him at this time. We have no idea what his future employment might be.

Kristy:  What is the longest you have been without sleep?
Not more than 20 hours.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
I have answered this before and it is always the same.  What I want to do is a secret.  I don’t want it to be known, what I was doing with the money if I ever had a million dollars.  It’s a good thing and it will remain a secret.  You never know, I just might end up with a million dollars one day. 🙂

Was it the 5 or 6 inch specimens that you ordered?   6 to 8″ (I think)
So when is the frog cake? Will you share some of that?   2011 Frog Cake and 2010 Frog Cake Enjoy!

Can I hire you to make one for my class???  Yes,  I’ll be there on April 7th.  😀  My price is a glass of water. And some cookies. And the right to blog about it.

Anymore questions? 😀

6 responses to “Questions Answered

  1. “a class of water” is a lot of water! =D
    Where will you put it? lol

  2. LOL, on your students! haha.
    Yes, when they’re studying the properties of water. =D

    I actually do have a real question. You mentioned you plan to do the Biology class two more years. Will you be teaching Physical Science again any?

  3. Your son sounds like my daughter. Since she was a full-time dual-enrollment student, she wanted no part of high school graduation. Didn’t attend graduation ceremony. Didn’t even want a party. Now that she is graduating college, it’s a different story. She is very proud of herself (with good reason). The grandparents are coming in for the weekend. We will have some family celebrations. But I’m not doing a big invite-everyone-you-know party.

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