Fourth Grade English

I don’t like teaching English.  After reading my posts and seeing numerous mistakes, you know why I don’t like teaching English.  I have said before English is my second language.  Hillbilly is my first.  Just saying…

My youngest daughter (Pea #2) also hates English.  It could be she hates me teaching English.  It could be she has better things to do than school.  When she doesn’t want to do school, she doesn’t do school with flair!  So for the norm in our English class, she is either hiding behind her notebook or under the table.  Best thing for me to do is just wait it out.

However; last Tuesday was the exception (praying it will be the norm).  After two weeks of no school due to Spring Break, I gave an oral quiz to my little class of four students.  I never expected Pea #2 to raise her hand, but she did on every single question.  She about popped out of her seat to answer.  I fainted.  Several times.  After I picked my self up off the floor, she answered each question correctly.  I fainted again.   Got back up and asked her to diagram this sentence:

Two red squirrels were gathering many nuts.

AND SHE DID!  CORRECTLY!  I fainted.  This time they were done with English and just left me on the floor.

Yesterday, I was giving her praises.  “Rebekah, You ROCKED in English class yesterday. You answered all the questions correctly!  I’m so proud of you.”

Rebekah said, “MoOoomm.  Mad-Libs.”    She didn’t say it, but I could hear the DUH!! behind those words.  I did see the eyes rolling into the back of her head.  Moms no nothing.

MAD-LIBS.   We love Mad-Libs and take them everywhere.  I don’t know what I like the most, the fact that the kids are learning something or the sound of children’s uncontrollable laughter.  One child will ask for a verb, noun, adj., number, etc.  The other children call out whatever comes to their mind.  After all blanks are filled in, the story is read aloud.

This is the one that sent them over the edge on Wednesday.  The words underlined are the words they picked.

How to Get a Job After School

If you are over 3,000 years old, you can get a bumpy job working for one of the worms in the neighborhood.  Here are some tips on getting an ofter-school job.

  1. Try not to smell like grits or a tree frog.
  2. Have good posture.  Pretend a string is tied to the top of your butt and keep your duck straight.
  3. Be polite.  Whenever an employer asks you anything, always say, “Chicken Burrito!”
  4. Don’t wear blue jeans that are more than 12,000,000 years old, and don’t wear anything that has pea stains on it.
  5. Work hard.  Remember, the captains of industry, like Carrie Underwood and Vanessa Hudgens, all started at the bottom and became rich by farting night and day.

Most kids have learned using numbers with 4+ digits and any bodily functions, make for a better story.

You can get MAD-LIBS just about anywhere.  They are great for long trips and for learning the parts of speech.


9 responses to “Fourth Grade English

  1. A just saw this with me and said “I had that exact Mad Lib!!” We loved them too =)

  2. I love that the string is tied…um – THERE!
    and they could market a book “How to get rich quick by farting your way to the top!” Made me crack up too!!!!

  3. “all started at the bottom and…”

    hahaha! 😆

  4. “Moms no nothing.”
    I’m going to assume that you wrote this on purpose 🙂 Nice play on words.
    Your peas are adorable. I love their Mad Lib story. I have some in a drawer. I’m going to have to pull them out and try some with Z. Maybe he will have as much fun as the Peas.

  5. Lol – we love our mad libs too. Now if they can come up with high school level mad libs, we’d really be in business…goodbye boring grammar curriculum!

  6. We love Mad Libs and Mad Libs Jr. My little guy always cracks up!

  7. Love it!

  8. That’s awesome! A breakthrough! I hope it becomes the norm too. =)

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