A Friendly Krispie Frog

I have a stalker, groupie, friend.  She has admired my handy work with rice krispies, fondant, and frog guts for almost a year now.

She teaches Biology at another co-op and has decided she also needed a dissected krispie frog.  And who wouldn’t need a dissected krispie frog? After she begged me to help her (ok, she asked once and I jumped at the chance), I decided to go to her house and help her out.

Little did I know she had a great little helper of her own.

Her youngest melted the marshmallows, kool-aid, and peanutbutter together and added the rice krispies.  The kool-aid made it a really nice red, but I didn’t like the taste of it.  Everyone else liked it, so I guess if you like kool-aid, you’ll like it in your frog guts too.

We shaped the frog with no trouble.  We also had a lot left over, so we decided to make it into a brain.  A brain is good to eat.  It gives you smarts.  That’s what I say anyways.

Mmmmm yummy brains!

The frog is made, the brain is gone, now is the time put on the skin.  Did you know frogs do have lungs, but they do not use them for the majority of oxygen intake?  Frogs get most of their oxygen through the skin.  Lungs are just a backup.  Cool.

That is powdered sugar everywhere.  I make a mess.  It’s just what I do.

Now the fun really begins.  Making of the guts.  The helper and the mom make most of the pieces-parts.  Look at this Mother/Daughter gut makers.  Makes my heart skip a beat.  Awww…

This frog was huge.  We came to the conclusion we should add eggs, since all of the frogs in my friend’s class were female.  She made the eggs and they came out fantastic.

She also made a really nice dead face.   I love how the eyes look.

And of course we added the fly.  Got to have the fly.  LOL   The purple things are the fat bodies.

I think I’ll have to make another frog next year and include the fat bodies and eggs.  I really like how this turned out.  I hope her Biology class enjoys it as much as we did making it.

Thanks for a wonderful, fun filled afternoon!

12 responses to “A Friendly Krispie Frog

  1. I like the close-up of the eggs; I like that side view.
    Nice of you to help a friend! =)

  2. Love it! You all did a fabulous job. Love the eggs and the fly on the tongue! 🙂

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  4. That is your best frog and guts by far! The colors and parts are so vivid! I think it definitely was your young helper that made all the difference. I hope that the class enjoys it as much as yours did.

  5. Thanks so much for all your help! The class was dutifully disgusted! (as was hubby!) But they all ate some and said YUM! The koolaid overpowerd any other flavor. And I couldn’t convince another class’ boys to eat much…they ran away from me. So it was just the 6 girls! I’m so proud! :0P

  6. That looks…..good?

    No, seriously, it looks great. What is the skin made out of?

  7. So are we eating frog this Tuesday I sure hope so!!

  8. Nice job Ladies!

  9. That is so totally awesome. Can I send my homeschool kids to your house for science? I hate teaching science…

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