Lost Camera

Update:  PTL   The Violinist found the camera!!

It was hanging up in the closet behind my purse.  I must have had it on my shoulder Sunday night, along with my purse, and hung them both up on the hook in the closet.  Thank the Lord it is found.  Yay!!

Thanks everyone for your prayers.

The camera I have is a Canon, PowerShot, S5IS.   The Power Shot is rubbing off the strap and now says, PowerSnot.    lol

The camera has gone missing.

If I don’t find my camera this week, I’ll have to get another.

I got a check yesterday and it was suppose to be for new clothes, but priorities have to be set.  A new camera it is.

Give me suggestions for a camera.

Thank you.

Off to cry my eyeballs out.

8 responses to “Lost Camera

  1. I’ll assume that you are wanting a point-and-shoot and not a bigger DSLR. In that case, I would definitely go with the Sony Cybershot. This model has lots of Mpixels and it comes in RED: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-DSC-W330-Digital-Stabilization-Blue/dp/B00328HR5S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1302700404&sr=8-5

  2. That’s terrible! :O( Looks like the last time you used it, was at the dead frog people’s house…Maybe that’s how the frog died…he swallowed your camera. :O(
    Seriously, I’m sorry that’s quite a piece of equipment to loose even if it was a point and shoot, worse if it’s the big one! :O(

  3. I’m so sorry!!!
    Priorities though. We need to see the world through your eyes, not your new clothes!! ;0)
    DH has a great point and shoot Lumix 12x optical zoom 25mm wide. Not very expensive. The camera place at the town center sold it to him and they run sales a lot. I got my DSLR there and love it. They give classes if you buy there. Very helpful folks.
    I’ll pray for you to find the other.

  4. Oh no! That’s awful. I’d cry my eyeballs out, too.
    I have a point and shoot, but still, I’d be SO upset if I lost it. 😦
    Praying you find it, and soon!

  5. I hope that you find it. =\

    I like my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS for the most part; there are some things that I do not like – such as blurry shots when not using flash in low light and choosing the wrong item to focus on in macro. My husband has been talking about getting one for his truck. I’m considering asking him to keep the one we have in his truck and I’ll get another one for my use. I prefer a pocket-able camera, so I’m looking at the Canon PowerShot S95

  6. I am so glad you found your camera!! Yay!!

  7. Yippee – now on to clothes shopping :o)

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