Kids, Gotta love ’em!

Baby goats that is.

Whenever we meet new friends that live on a farm, we usually wait a month before we start talking of visiting them at their farm.  After another month, we start insisting on visiting their farm.   After another month, I just call them and tell them the day we are coming.  Farm people love us…I think.

This school year was no exception.  My co-op friend, Georgeann, raises goats.  For fun.  Anyhoo, some of her mama goats had kids and that was the clue that we needed to visit her home.  Just two emails and the date was set.  So off we went…

The kids were so cute!  My girls wanted to take one home.  Ummm…no, that’s why we visit “other people’s farms”.

The girls got to bottle feed the kids!  Kids feeding kids; strange.

There was only six, but felt like a lot more.  They were running and jumping all over the place!  I guess that is why we call our own kids, kids.  I tried to get them all to sit still for a photo, but they don’t lesson.  My kids do the same thing.  No matter how much I said, “SIT.  SIT!”, they kept running.  Pea #2 said, “MOM!  They’re not puppies!”  I asked, “Is that why you don’t sit, when I tell you to?”.

I love their eyes.  So pretty.  I am glad my kids don’t have eyes like that though.  That would be creepy.

Georgeann also raises bunnies for meat…

and chickens for meat and eggs.  The chickens and eggs are really, really good.  I don’t know about her rabbit meat; never had it.

I am thankful for the new friends we meet that live on farms.  They are so nice and accommodating.   I hope they don’t think of me as this crazy homeschooler who thinks all farms are potential field trips.  Well, they are and I’ll take any opportunity to educate my kids  children about God’s creations.  😀

7 responses to “Kids, Gotta love ’em!

  1. haHA! Love your posts!
    “Is that why you don’t sit, when I tell you to?”
    That is why we call our kids, kids! For sure, lol. 😆

  2. This whole post cracked me up. What a fun trip to visit friends. And you are a crazy homeschooler!

  3. I just love kids. And bunnies. And chickens. Children on the other hand! ;0)

  4. For years I’ve been trying to convince my parents to keep goats, but they won’t. They disappoint me.

  5. I am glad you enjoyed it! I like having visitors and showing them around.

  6. The goats are cute and I like their chicken house. I’m sure that I’ve eaten rabbit before. My step-dad used to hunt wabbits.

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