A Lost Art

In the age of cell phones, texting, instant messages, and skype, hand written letters are becoming the thing of the past. Sad, but true.

When our English class, got to the lesson on how to write an informal letter, I was like “Oh Yeah!”.  Not only were the kids going to practice writing a letter, they were actually going to send a letter through the mail.

First week their assignment was to select a person they would like to send a letter to and also write a rough draft.  The second week, I brought in colorful stationary and stamps.  They wrote their letters in class.

Addressed and stamped the envelopes.

Then they mailed them at home.

Right after my daughter put her letter in the mailbox, the mailman arrived.  He was looking at the mail with a funny look and asked, “Do you want this letter to go through the system or shall I just put it in the mailbox across the street?   Is she learning to write a letter in school?”  LOL

My daughter wrote a letter to her friend across the street.  I told him yes, she was learning to write a letter and it needed to go through the system.  He was very impressed.  lol

All the kids were excited when they received an answer to their letters in the mail.  Try letter writing with your own kids.  It’s a lot of fun.

3 responses to “A Lost Art

  1. It’s something when letter-writing is a novelty. =)
    My girls used to write more than they do now. Mostly to friends they’d met at camp, but now it’s all email or facebook.
    Except for my oldest dd and her cousin. They’re still writing the History Pen Letters. 😀 And they see each other 2-3 times a week! lol.

  2. I have always been a big letter writer, hence part of my passion for hand-made cards. In college, I would write letters to my mom and my grandma and my favorite aunts, etc. Carl and I would also write long love letters over the summer while he was in Memphis and I was in IL. I have always taught my kids to write. We always send hand-written thank you notes for gifts. Zack is currently doing a program that our church handed out with a monthly letter writing exchange with his grandma. The booklet included stationary for each of them and topics to discuss. So I have him write to his grandma each month. Great idea!

  3. And the penmanship that made its way across the street was in excellent form!

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