Tentative Summer Reading List

Summer of 2011

  • Darwin’s Black Box – Michael J. Behe
  • Handbook of Christian Apologetics – Peter Kreeft
  • The New Oxford Guide to Writing – Thomas S Kane
  • Pilgrim’s Progress in Today’s English – John Bunyan
  • The Wolves of Willoughby Chase – Joan Aiken
  • The Old Curiosity Shop – Charles Dickens
  • The Story of King Arthur and His Knights – Howard Pyle
  • The Odyssey – Homer – Translated by Robert Fagles
  • The Arabian Nights – Tales from the Thousand and One Nights – Best Loved Classics
  • From The Earth to the Moon and Round the Moon – Jules Verne
  • Travels of Marco Polo

6 responses to “Tentative Summer Reading List

  1. My summer reading list: People magazine 🙂

  2. Your reading list? or the kids, or your’s you read to the kids? Do tell Miss “Brief Post”-er lady…. :O)

  3. I second Kristy. With maybe some breaks for guilty pleasure television.

  4. tharbedragonshere

    Just a little light reading, eh?
    I couldn’t get through Darwin’s Black Box….skimmed thru it, mostly.

  5. That is a heavy list for summer reading! I am impressesd. I haven’t read any of them.

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