Biology, The End…

2010/2011 school year has ended and that means the Biology class is now over.   Honestly, I’m glad.  We are ready for some summer fun around here.

I want to follow up on what we did in class just before it all ended.

The class went on our annual trip to Guana River State Park.  We had a total of eight kids, and four adults.

Mandatory Field Trip  – This is a list of things they need to bring or know.  It mentions a permission slip, but I don’t have it on here.  It’s just the parent’s name and phone number for emergencies.

Field Trip Work Sheet that must be filled out.

We were at the river for all of five minutes when one of the mom’s came to me and said my daughter wasn’t feeling well.   She was halfway back with another mom.  The daughter and I ended up being rescued by the Park Ranger.  He drove us back to the van and we drove home.  The others stayed and made it back.  They had a good time and did a great job on the work required of them.

Next up for class was the Bug Board.  This year all six students placed their insects in plastic bags.  One of my students from last year, said this year’s students are wimps.  lol

They did a fine job with this too.  Below is a Lubber Grasshopper.  Lovely.

The final activity for this class was dissecting Owl Pellets.  The students dug in, but they were not excited about it.  I don’t think I will be repeating this activity next year.

A few were able to find full skulls of rodents.  These nice big teeth didn’t help this fella any.

One student found some very interesting bones.  Very cool.

Thanks to all my wonderful students for a fantastic, awesome Biology year!

13 responses to “Biology, The End…

  1. How’s your daughter?

    • She is fine. She gets real dizzy/light-headed when the allergies act up. She couldn’t walk anymore and just slumped down on a bench by the side of the trail. She was fine by the next day, with some dizziness here and there.

  2. I’ve never been to fond of the idea of owl pellets, lol.
    Glad you’ve come to your senses! 😆

    What were the kids supposed to do at the park?

  3. Happy Summer Vacation!

  4. That is a beautiful grasshopper!! I’ve never seen one of them in my part of FL. 😦

    We still have undissected owl pellets…Jessica didn’t want to dissect them, but seeing all the cool things your students found in yours, I think I’m going to make her do it!LOL!

    I’m glad your daughter is feeling better 🙂

  5. Congratulations on another successful Biology year! We have never done owl pellets. I think I may do it with Freckle Face next year.

  6. Looks fun! My 10 year old dissected an owl pellet this year. It was really interesting, but the smell was a bit much.
    Wish we lived closer so my 14 year old could take your Biology class next year. It looks like lots of fun. Hopefully, the one he is taking is just as fun. At least it’s Apologia.

    • i only have six kids again for next year. A few more won’t hurt. lol The fun thing about Biology is being able to add so much more to it. Hope your son enjoys his class next year. 🙂

  7. He thinks he wants to be a lone ranger. I think he needs to get used to working with people. LOL Plus, this lady, supposedly, teaches them how to write up really good labs (from what I’ve heard). I figure he can try it next year and then we’ll see about the following year.

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