This one is for Deb.

Deb at Not Inadequate  has a great family.  Her husband will take her children off to spend the day at the zoo.  They will send her text messages about their experiences there, because they know she is watching too much Desperate Housewives, while they are gone.  So far, they’ve been attacked by squirrels, witnessed deadly peacocks, and email her pictures of these.

I’m thinking these are not normal bugs.  They look so different from Florida roaches.  I just KNEW Deb wanted to know, so I did a search over the web and found they were Discord Roaches.   They do not climb, do not smell, do not bite and grow up to 2″ long.  Perfect for feeding animals at the zoo and making great pets.  But not in my house.

I also KNEW Deb (and others) would want to see a photo of a roach from here. You know, to compare.  We are homeschooling moms, it’s in our nature to do these things.   She said I shouldn’t bother, but I’m a good friend and really feel the need to help her out.

It took me a while to find one.  Actually, I didn’t find it.  A person at co-op found it and I was able to capture it.  This administration person (who remains nameless), said I was not allowed to tell her husband, she helped me capture a roach.

This is an American cockroach.

  • Kingdom Animalia
  • Phylum Arthropoda
  • Class Insecta
  • Order Blattaria
Blattaria in Latin means “insect that shuns the light”.  So…you can rest knowing these critters will not be in heaven.
I kept the  roach for several days and just watched it.  Even though it is kinda creepy, I made a video for you to enjoy. It is enjoying some of my homemade whole wheat bread.  Later the stupid thing grew an egg case out of it’s butt, and I threw the jar and roach in the trash.  I’m sure it is no more.  I hope so anyway.
This movie should win an Oscar. 

You’re welcome, Deb!

15 responses to “This one is for Deb.

  1. ewww, ewww, ewww!
    Only you, Michelle… 🙂

    SOOO glad they will not be in heaven.
    Thank you for letting us know that. =)

  2. That was the co-star from Walle wasn’t it?

    He’s so…{shudder}…something else! And you are such a …good…friend.
    I’m very glad as well that they won’t be in heaven. Whew!

  3. LOL….I love the first paragraph! The rest of the post notsomuch. If we had roaches like that where I lived, I would move.

  4. Wow, Michelle. You ARE a good friend. In fact, you are too good for me – I don’t deserve all this!

    He sure looks like he’s enjoying that bread, doesn’t he?

    So here’s my question: What do your kids think? Are they all “Wow Mom! Cool Roach!” or more like “Mom. Why is there a roach in a jar on the counter and can you please move it before my friends find out how weird you are” ?

    Thank you. (I guess?) Someday I will get revenge return the favor.

  5. My first foray into HTML went brilliantly, I see.

  6. You are the epitome of the homeschool mom! I happily paid my exterminator every month so I never had to see those.

  7. OK…so now we all KNOW you’ll invite anyone/THING to lunch!! When do we get come and have some of that tasty bread MINUS the roach!! :)p

  8. OH. MY! I am itching all over after watching that video…shudder…..

  9. Ewwwwww!
    I do love how you classify everything.
    BTW, if you need more roaches, we have an abundance of them every time after they irrigate. Blech!

  10. Ok, I just showed my son the video and thought it was “pretty cool”.

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