Tools of the Trade

My stalker groupie friend emails me and says, “Do you have a wheeled cart, collapisble crate thingy?  I’m looking for one.  May just wait until convention and buy it there, I’ve heard they’re good quality…any input on that?”

I’m like, “HUH?  Where have you been and why don’t you have a wheeled cart, collapisble crate thingy?”  I am here to help her.  She needs lots of help.  She’s helping me on some things too, but I am not going to admit to it.

Disclaimer:  I am not getting paid by the folding cart website, nor am I getting paid by my friend.  However; feel free to bestow money upon me, if you wish.  I won’t complain.  I’ll even take a free cart from the Cart Peeps.  Disclaimer over.

I bought my first folding cart years ago.  I liked it so much I bought a second one for a library bucket.  It has worked very well and I am often asked, “Where did you get that?”  Well, I got it from The Great Folding Cart, who are vendors at the FPEA Homeschool Convention.

I also bought the skirt for it.  It has so many pockets, I don’t know what to do with them all.   I like to have my pens/markers/pencils at the ready and this skirt has enough pockets for them.

I did buy a lid for my first one, but I didn’t like it at all.  It would not fit properly on the bucket and I found that it was a pain to take it off and back on so many times during the day.  The lid is in a dump somewhere.

The one thing I really don’t like about the bucket is, well…it’s a bucket.  Everything is just thrown in and sometimes never to be seen again.  I have to dig through everything to find whatever it is I need and it is always,  ALWAYS on the bottom or it was the first thing I took out and I didn’t notice it until everything was out.  I do that a lot.

See the pink box to the right?  That’s my solution to the bottomless bucket pit.  I’d like to say this was my idea and let every sing my praises, but I stole this idea from a friend at co-op.   This box is an Office Depot Colorful Tote.  They come in all kinds of cool colors!  Even black, which really isn’t a cool color for a tote box.  Seriously.

Anyhoo, this lovely box fits nice and neat right in the bucket.  It leaves a space under it for things you don’t need everyday, like construction paper, trash bags (for used up specimens…just saying), or candy bars you don’t want your kids to know you have.  Things like that.

The tote is made to hold hanging folders too!   I carry all my science class equipment and anything else I can think of  in there.  It gets really heavy

We interrupt this post to say:  I just stomped on a cricket! 😯  All because I don’t want to hear it chirp all night.  Lord forgive me!

The tote also hold textbooks and notebooks very well, which is why I am getting the girls one, to share, for next year.

The girls can leave their class books and notebooks in the bucket when not  in use.  I’ll have to post about the girls backpacks later and you’ll see why I am going to force them to use the bucket.  Let’s just say, I can’t pick up their backpacks.

If you need the bucket for something else, all you have to do is pick up the tote and move it aside.  Everything is in it’s place for when you need it again. See? Cool, huh?

The bucket does get heavy and I have never had a problem with it falling apart, until after I started having my kids load and unload it in the van.   They have no problem just rolling it down the stairs or dropping it from the van onto the ground.   Because of that, pieces have popped off.  You can see evidence of it in the first picture.  See those silver screws?  That was a repair job by the husband.  It was done two years ago and the bucket is good as new.  I just threw out my first bucket because it was beyond repair.  I’ll be replacing it this weekend at the convention.

Groupie friend, hope this helps you decide if you should get it.  l find it very useful.

We interrupt this post again to say:  Cricket wasn’t dead.  It just hopped on the laptop.  It is dead now, for sure.  Lord forgive me again.

CC,  just so you know, Office Depot did not have a red tote when I bought this one.   I have since seen a red one and may get it, but there are so many cool colors, I don’t know which one I’ll pick.  Won’t be another pink one, though.  lol


15 responses to “Tools of the Trade

  1. What? No classification on the cricket? I’m shocked. 😉
    That’s a really cool cart, and pink is my favorite color.

  2. You are such a dork.

    Sadly, I don’t need one. We do class at my house, and I have a 2-shelf rolling cabinet I just roll up to the table.
    I *DO* so love that crate-cart, though! How awesome. 😀

  4. That’s the coolest wheeled cart collapisble crate thingy that I ever laid eyes on! ^_^

  5. You have a special way of making just about everything fun! I’m going to watch for that black folding cart thingy with the pink office depot colorful tote inside! I have a blue folding cart thingy…I think it leaks…hmmm maybe I need a colorful tote inside too! Hope to see you Saturday! 🙂 I’m just going for the day.

  6. Who is this creeper, stalker “friend” you speak of?? I hope you don’t squish her like the cricket just because you don’t want to be up all night! 😉 You are a good friend to educate her on these things though, I’m sure that is why we all follow you!
    L-O-V-E the wheeled cart collapisble crate thingy. Now I’m coveting and then I’m copying! Perhaps training classes will be arranged for the proper loading and unloading techniques, and you can blog about that too! 😛

    • This friend is the only “groupie” I have, so she makes me feel important. I won’t say who she is, but she makes a great Krispy Frog. 😀

      A post on proper loading and unloading techniques? LOL I don’t think my kids will read it.

  7. Very cool usage of those rolling cart things. For some reason when I see those things my shins hurt. Traumatic stress memories of the last convention I went to and getting rammed by those things. Ha ha ha Can’t wait to hear all about the convention =)

  8. I want one (-: Looks like it would be good for my art supples. Lugging it to and from art class.

  9. Very nice! I think I must be homeschooling wrong, because our books fit in our backpacks. LOL

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