The Sea Box

Jo took the Zoology 1 and 2 class at co-op this year and had a fantastic time.

I, for one, am glad this class is over.   Jo drove me crazy the entire year with this class.  First thing she did was beg me to take her around town to ALL of the nature parks to look for birds.  She had to list and identify the birds she found.  She would win a prize, if she got the most.   Every stinking weekend, we had to visit some place, or we had to drive by an area that we knew had birds, or we went to the zoo.  Her persistence paid off.  She won first place!  I can’t remember her exact total, but it was in the 50s.  That’s twice as much as the second place student. 😀

There were several other crazy things she wanted to do after the birds, but her favorite was the Sea Box.  We started EARLY on that one.    It was months of daily (hours and hours) of work.  She did a fantastic job!

Of course it is not accurate or to scale, but I am impressed with it.  She had to have a shark. A Hammerhead shark, so we had to make another trip to Michael’s for gray clay.  She individually cut out all those cute little fishes, for the shark’s lunch.  lol

My favorite part was the sea turtles.  She researched to find out when the baby sea turtles hatched. She printed the full moon, added dark blue sky, and hungry sea gulls.   She made the turtles from green clay and small shells.  So cute.

Other detailed items were the red crab and the pearl in the clam shell.  Jo now wants to get a live claim from the beach, stuff a grain of sand in it, and wait for a pearl.  Um, yeah.

I think she did a fantastic job.  Below is a classmate’s box.  I love how he did the dolphins. 🙂

I have a break this summer, but I know it will all start up again next when she takes Zoology 3 and Botany.  Oy!


13 responses to “The Sea Box

  1. That is SO cool!!!
    Gee I WONDER where she gets all that creativity!??! (ahem)
    You need to take ME to all the nature parks next year. That works out great for me!!

  2. Sounds like she’s YOUR daughter. She did a great job! and you know you had fun. LOL

  3. Those are awesome boxes!
    The sea turtles are great!

  4. Love the turtles! Very creative. 🙂
    Is the sand made of sandpaper?

  5. I love those turtles! Perfect!

  6. Wonderful! very creative.

  7. That is amazing!

    And both at once, that’s crazy!

  8. Excellent — all of the data collecting of the birds that she did, the turtle research, and a great looking diorama. =)

  9. Beautiful! I love, love, love that jellyfish. It looks terrifying. 😀

  10. I love the sea turtles! She is so creative!!!

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