Geocaching, we’re hooked.

I’ve heard about Geocaching for a couple of years, but we didn’t participate until this past week.

First thing you need is a hand-held GPS.  I asked my friend, Georgeann, what was the best one to get. I was looking at a $300.00 one and my eyes melted.

Georgeann’s birthday is today. Ya’ll give her a happy birthday shout .

Anyhoo, she said she had a cheap Garmin and those words “cheap and Garmin” triggered a memory in my God given brain.  Sir Husband has a cheap Gramin handheld GPS.  So I did what any normal wife would do; I stole it from him.

We printed off the coordinates for our first search and headed out the door.

We followed the map to the location to start hunting down the treasure.  And we found nothing. Nada. Noodle.  We drove back home. 😦

After dinner, we forced Sir Husband to take us back.  This time we found it.  We saw the container before, but we didn’t think that was it. LOL

Since it was hard for us to find, I’ll post a picture of just where it is and what it is.  Then you can go find it too.

OH! UH…I guess I am not allowed to tell you where to find it.  So sorry.


9 responses to “Geocaching, we’re hooked.

  1. The last picture is hilarious!! Where did you get it!

  2. I’ve heard about it too and thought it might be fun. We have a handheld GPS…maybe we will give it a try this summer.
    Happy Birthday Georgeann!

  3. Where’s the treasure trunk, the big brass buckles, the scary warning bones, the guard birds, the pit, the cave, the bears?

  4. Happy Birthday Georgeann! And thank you for helping Applie engage her brain.

    Looks like fun and I’m glad you found your box thing.

  5. Fun! I’ve always wanted to try Letterboxing, which is similar but you don’t need a handheld GPS.

  6. HAHAHAHA! I love your posts!
    Glad y’all had so much fun.

  7. That sounds like fun! That sign is making me anxious though. What are you supposed to do? Just sit there indefinitely?

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