Now that the girls are out of school, they wanted to camp in the back yard during the week. Sir Husband dug out our very first tent.  We bought it shortly after we were married and used it to go camping with friends up north, where there are seasons, and coolness, and mountains, and all the places I want to be.

I had forgotten how small it was.

It’s a three-man woman tent.

One time when we were camping, there was torrential rain all.night.long.  William always pitched the tent on a light hill, just in case it did rain and the water would just roll on down.  However, that one morning we woke up with our feet under water!  But our heads were dry!

The fan is for camping Florida style.  It really didn’t help, because the screen was so fine, the air didn’t flow through.

We also roasted marshmallows on an open fire.

Did I mention it was in the 90’s and it was 8:00pm?

At least it wasn’t as hot as it was the last time we camped out .



3 responses to “Camping…again

  1. LOL…I know that Sir Husband is a very handy guy (I’ve seen photos of your kitchen)! So what is the deal with that fire pit??? I know he can do better. That’s an embarrassment.

  2. OOO the shortly after married tent. And it’s got your favorite color on it.

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